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MISSION 8 - VERTIGO  [ Diavolo's Mountain Fortress, Puerto Viejo, Peru ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
150.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Complete the Mission in 4:00
Standard Objectives:
- Retrieve Agent 003's Uplink Device
- Destroy the Signal Jamming Antenna
- Install the Uplink Device on a Junction Box
- Get to the Top of the Cliff
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- MP5K Sub-Machine Gun
- AK-74 Assault Rifle
- AT-420 Rocket Launcher
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Q Spider
- Thermovision Goggles
Bond Moments:
1 Knock out the first four guards using Stealth Techniques.
2 Pick up the Rocket Launcher in the Dark Corridor.
3 Use the Q Spider to unlock the door to the Armoury Room.
4 Shoot the Barrels underneath the Signal Jamming Antenna to destroy it.

Once the elevator has finished ascending, turn right at the corridor with the railing on the ground, and head towards the dark, narrow passageway on the right wall. Holster the weapon and go to the crouching position. Move to the other end of the passageway so you can see the patrolling guard move to the left, but stay in the dark area until he actually passes by. View Screenshot Sneak up behind the guard and knock him out. Move behind the next cart to the right and wait until the second patrolling guard is facing outside, having his back turned towards you. View Screenshot Knock him out and then hide behind the next cart to the left side of the U shaped turn. Wait until the third patrolling guard is walking back down the corridor before you sneak up to knock him out. View Screenshot Quickly move down, still crouched, behind the last cart on the left wall of the corridor. There is one more patrolling guard that is pretty easy to knock out. View Screenshot Wait until he stops and faces the wall, once again having his back turned towards you. This is when you make your move to knock him out. He will move to the right slightly, but he won't be able to see or hear you as long as you are crouching. Knocking out the four guards silently will earn you a bond moment. Head to the dead end part of the corridor and use the Rappel to get to the next area above. View Screenshot Make sure you have an automatic weapon pulled out.

Once you get to the next area, kill the enemy who is walking around the room ahead and turn right into the next corridor, killing the four or five enemies that try to hide behind the numerous carts. Once everyone is dead, move towards the yellow elevator. View Screenshot Having to find out that it will not function unless you get the Uplink Device, you will have to return back to this elevator to finish the level. Head towards the next dead end and rappel to the next area. Arriving at the next area, kill the rappelling guard who drops by at the corner of the corridor. View Screenshot Grab the body armour nearby and rappel up the opening from which the rappelling enemy descended from previously. Once you reach the next level, turn right and quickly move towards the cart on the right side of the railing, dodging the first missile the rocket soldier fires at you. Crouch behind the cart and press the action button to get it moving forward. While it moves ahead, follow right behind it, using the forward rolls to catch up with the cart. Once it stops at the end of the rail, target the rocket soldier and kill him. Move left and follow the next corridor, killing the enemy patrolling at the opposite side. When you reach the T Junction, kill the rappelling enemy from above to the left direction. View Screenshot

If you want to earn a bond moment, continue moving straight and drop down into the area below. When you reach the area, the power is suddenly cut off, making it pitch black. Put on the thermovision goggles and follow the corridor until you encounter the two enemies hiding around the last corner. Once both of them are dead, walk to the crates stashed around the end of the corridor to pick up the rocket launcher, earning yourself a bond moment. View Screenshot Make the way back to the level above by backtracking through the corridor, making sure to kill the three enemies blocking the way back up. Rappel to the level above.

Back at the T Junction, pull out a weapon and use the bond sense to detect the weak piece of wood at the bottom of the blockade. View Screenshot Once the wood has been removed, use the Q Spider to go underneath the opening. Keep moving it straight until you reach the small shaft at the left wall. View Screenshot Go into the next room and go up the ramp to the left side. Follow the three ramps until you reach the top of the room. If you accidentally move the Q Spider off the ramp, you will need to use another Q Spider as it explodes when dropped from high places. After you make it to the top, go into the next small shaft to the left side. Follow the shafts until you reach the dark blue armoury room. From here, you can pick up a battery for your gadgets, but is best for now to open the locked door in the room. View Screenshot Just simply move the Q Spider towards the door to open it, earning you a bond moment. You can now exit from the Q Spider and leave it there if you wish.

Now that you have got the locked door opened, rappel up the wall to the level above. Once you make it to this level, pull out the rocket launcher and head towards the opening that reveals the outside area with the big antenna and a few enemies hiding behind the metal sheets. Use the bond sense to target the explosive barrels below. View Screenshot Shoot the barrels with a missile to destroy the entire area, earning the next bond moment.

Pull out an automatic weapon and kill the enemies running around the corridor. Head inside the room with the electronic equipment. View Screenshot You will need to use the Uplink Device you obtain later on the level to activate the junction box at the far right corner of the room, so for now, go inside the room you opened with the Q Spider earlier and collect the armour and ammunition you need. Turn right when exiting the room and follow the corridor until you reach another dead end. Use the rappel to get to the next level. When you reach this floor, kill the three enemies inside the corridor and head into the last dead end. View Screenshot Use the rappel to walk up the wall, while having an automatic weapon ready. When you reach the top, run in the room and kill the three enemies quickly. Do not bother going for any cover as it is a waste of time. Collect the Uplink Device once you have killed everyone and make your way back to the room with the junction box. View Screenshot

Rappel down the level below and kill the three enemies in the area. One enemy is in the corridor and the other two are rappelling outside. Move to the other end of the corridor and rappel to the next area. Follow the long corridor and kill the few enemies hiding for cover. Kill them and head into the room with the junction box. View Screenshot Upload the Uplink Device to pass the objective. Now you will have to backtrack all the way back to the yellow elevator you could not use earlier on the level.

Exit the room, killing one more enemy that comes from the right, and turn left into the corridor, moving towards the end and rappelling downwards to the level below. When you reach the bottom, turn right at the corridor and head towards the next corridor. Use the wall hug technique at the wall to kill several enemies running around the area. View Screenshot Run to the end of the corridor and drop down into the level below by using the rappel. Once you reach the bottom, turn left and go down the next wall, to the next area. You have now made it to the room where the elevator is, but you will need to kill a few more enemies. Use the wall hug technique behind the stack of crates and kill the enemies one by one. View Screenshot

Make your way into the elevator to end the level.

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