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MISSION 28 - THE FINAL CARD  [ Secret Nuclear Command Bunker, Moscow, Russia ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
325.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Receive Less than 100 damage
Standard Objectives:
- Defeat Diavolo
- Use the Network Tap on the Turret
- Disable Four Missile Silo Exhaust Vents
- Clear the Obstruction from the Override Module
- Escape through the Main Entrance
- Destroy Diavolo's Hover Jet

Weapons Available:
P99 Pistol
P99 Pistol Silenced
AK-74 Assault Rifle
SIG 552 Commando
SPAS-12 Shotgun
AT-420 Rocket Launcher
Gadgets Available:
Sleeper Dart Gun
Network Tap Gun
Fragmentation Grenade
Strobe Grenade
ElectroMagnetic Pulse Grenade
Q Spider Explosive
Nano Suit
Thermovision Goggles
Bond Moments:
1 Kill the two groups of three enemies that run out when you take control of a turret.
2 Destroy the second turret using the one you are controlling.
3 Use the Q Spider to kill the two enemies waiting behind the door near the fourth switch.
4 Throw an ElectroMagnetic Pulse grenade at an enemy who is cloaked.

One of the hardest levels in singleplayer, the enemies in this mission are extraordinarily tough on 00 Agent difficulty. Not only can the commandos sustain a lot of damage from your weapons, but their accuracy seems to be higher than the normal types of enemies. You will need to be patient while playing this level or else there is no possible chance of passing it. Conserve as much ammunition as possible because there is nothing more worse than having to find out that you are completely fresh out of ammo while in the middle of a gunfight with several enemies at once. Use the Sleeper Dart Gun on any enemies that are easy to get without being shot. Last but not least, try your best to get as many headshots as possible. While the P99 Pistol has some of the best accuracy for a weapon, making it ideal, you can also use the SIG 552 as an alternative.

Once the level begins, use the hand combat moves to knock out the two enemies armed with batons. View Screenshot Be careful not to get hit by them as you cannot waste precious health so soon into the level. Once they are down, face towards the middle of the open area and then hide behind the metal crate to the left of the long sheet of glass. View Screenshot There are numerous enemies that run from the middle of the area to the left and right directions that try to surround you. When the enemies are running their separate ways, you can always pop a few headshots using the P99 Pistol. While you are behind the crate, watch out for a few enemies that run towards the left side. Killing them will avoid the enemies from side shooting you, but take note of the right side as another few enemies come around here several seconds later. If you find yourself over-run by the enemies coming from the sides, use the SIG 552 at all costs. Within this time as well, the enemy will activate the defence turrets at the opposite side of the room - up on the ceiling. You will need to avoid the rockets they fire when you move further into the level. Stay around the crate until all the enemies from the first batch have been eliminated. If there are any enemies still hiding behind objects for cover and do not move, you can move up towards them, or else just wait until you have the chance to shoot them.

Once all the enemies have been eliminated, head towards the left - towards the wall, following the walkway. When you get to the side, there can sometimes be one or two enemies hiding at the other side of the first computer console, but this doesn't happen very often. Moving past the first computer console, go around the corner and turn right. View Screenshot After passing the group of three computer consoles, turn left at the walkway and head towards the far side. View Screenshot Shoot the enemy to the bottom left of the walkway and continue moving forward until you reach the computer console at the end, of the walkway to the left. View Screenshot Stand behind the computer console, picking up the armour and pull out the Network Tap Gun. View Screenshot The advantage of standing at the far back side of the level is that the defence turrets cannot shoot you as they cannot rotate a full 360 degrees. They can only target enemies in a 180 degree radius, meaning they are only useful for targets around the first half of the area.

Target the turret at the far side and shoot a dart at it. If you are having trouble getting a lock into any of the two turrets, you can try moving a little closer to them, but make sure you are aiming towards the back of the turret and that you are near sufficient cover to avoid being shot. Now that you can control one of the defence turrets, it is a lot easier to kill some of the enemies that will start to appear in various areas of the room. Firstly, aim the turret towards the starting zone and wait until three enemies run out of the entry. View Screenshot Once they make it onto the platform, shoot a rocket towards the enemies to try to eliminate all of them with the one rocket. Once they have been killed, rotate the turret to the direct left and make it turn so it is facing the platform below. Wait until another three enemies run out of the side opening and shoot them with another rocket. View Screenshot If you have managed to kill all six enemies with a certain amount of rockets, you will earn the first bond moment in the level. Now that the enemies have been taken care of temporarily, move the turret so it is aimed towards the second defence turret that is not being used. Shoot several rockets at it to destroy it completely, making it useless and also earning you the second bond moment. View Screenshot For the finale, rotate the turret so it is facing to the middle of the room so it is aimed towards the small canopy that Nikolai and Katya are standing in. Shoot one rocket towards the canopy to destroy it. View Screenshot

You are required to deactivate the Missile Silo Exhaust Vents to prevent Nikolai from launching those armed missiles. If you stood behind the computer console while using the turret, turn around and press the action button on the first switch. View Screenshot Quickly turn around once again so you are facing towards the starting area and move behind the first crate to the right of the walkway. Kill most of the enemies you see ahead of you, making sure you also kill another one or two enemies that sneak in from the large walkway to your direct left and move left towards the next switch after killing most of the enemies. Once you have reached the second switch, deactivate it. View Screenshot Now turn around and head into the middle area of the area with the red carpet. View Screenshot Go down the first bunch of small stairs and turn right into the area below the walkway. View Screenshot You might want to use the first few crates as cover against the few enemies hiding ahead, but they are relatively easy to eliminate. Walk to the very far corner of the ground level and deactivate the third switch. View Screenshot Make your way back towards the central area once again. While you make your way back there, kill another few enemies standing at the central area before moving back up there. View Screenshot

When you reach the red carpet area, head straight across to the door at the opposite side. View Screenshot Follow the small passageway until you reach the small hole at the bottom of the wall after passing the computer console mounted on the left wall. Pull out the Q Spider and send into the shaft. View Screenshot Once it is inside, turn at the first right and move straight until you reach the enemies at the next area. View Screenshot There are usually two enemies here, but if you only manage to kill one with the Q Spider, then use a second one to eliminate the second enemy before entering through the doors ahead. View Screenshot By doing this, you also earn the third bond moment in the level. Once you have deactivated all four switches, there is an obstruction somewhere in the small shafts that is avoiding the override from occurring. View Screenshot You will need to dislodge the obstruction in order to cease the missiles from firing. Pull out another Q Spider and send it through the small shaft on the bottom of the wall. View Screenshot Once you have sent the Q Spider through the first straight, make it turn right. View Screenshot Follow the various corners and straights until you reach the pipe with the wrench leaning against it. View Screenshot It is this small thing that is causing all this hassle. Detonate the Q Spider to complete the objective. The problem now is that you are not out of the woods just yet. You need to escape from the area by exiting the entry of the room - in other words, make your way back to the starting area of the level. It sounds easy, until you realize there are further reinforcements, with some of them even using the Nano Suits to make things even more trickier.

Use the wall hug technique against the door and shoot the two enemies standing behind the crates in the passageway ahead. View Screenshot Kill them and make your way out of the passageway and turn left at the red carpet area. View Screenshot When you get to the central area, turn around to check if there is any enemies behind you that try to take a cheap shot at you. If there are, kill the enemies and then move towards the front entry. Activate the Thermovision Goggles while moving towards the entry to see any cloaked enemies. View Screenshot If you manage to pop one of them with an EMP Grenade, you will earn the last Bond Moment. Move towards the entry of the room to finish the first part of the level. View Screenshot

When you think that it is mission complete, there is still one more job to do - defeat Diavolo. The even more unfortunate thing is that he is in a Hover Jet and you have just yourself to destroy it, but do not fear, this is James Bond we are talking about. When this part begins, hide behind the most furtherest bunch of crates at the back left corner. There is Rocket Launcher ammo scattered throughout the lift, especially in the crates, so collect the ammo when you need it most. The main priority is to avoid the Machine Gun bullets fired from the Jet. View Screenshot Also, do the same for the Missiles it fires. View Screenshot You will probably need to move around to the side quickly while a Missile is flying towards you to avoid losing too much health, but barrel rolling is a good option. Progress towards the front middle pillar of the lift. From here, it is harder for the Jet to hit you, but you will need to move around to each side of the pillar to avoid being hit by splash damage from the Missiles. Using this tactic, fire your weapons towards the right missile canopy until it is completely destroyed. View Screenshot Repeat the same process for the left wing, except Diavolo is a little more psychotic at this part, firing more missiles, so be more careful and continue to hang around the middle pillar. View Screenshot Collect up the armour pickups from the back of the lift if you really need it.

Once the Missile Canopies have been destroyed, you will need to shoot the undercarriage of the Jet where the Nano Bomb Compartment is located. View Screenshot At this stage, the Jet fires groups of missiles at once, making it more tough to avoid them. As long as you keep moving side to side, you should be able to avoid a number of the missiles. Fire several rockets towards the Jet to finally finish it off - ending the stage. View Screenshot

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