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MISSION 17 - FADED SPLENDOR  [ Yayakov's Mansion, New Orleans, America ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
300.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Receive 100 Damage or Less
Standard Objectives:
- Disable the Electronic Door Switches
- Find Yayakov's Lair
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- SIG 552 Commando
- SPAS-12 Shotgun
- Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Sleeper Dart Gun
- Fragmentation Grenade
- Strobe Grenade
- Q Spider
- Nano Suit
- Thermovision Goggles
Bond Moments:
1 Sneak past the first Two Guards and the Sniper without being detected.
2 Shoot the Supporting Wire of the Chandelier to make it fall on the enemies at the Lobby.
3 Use the Q Spider to blast open the entry to the Secret Room.

Once again, this level is a combination of stealth and assault. The best way of avoiding the enemies at the start is by utilizing the Nano Suit, but you will need to be quick as the energy diminishes relatively quickly. This is also the mission that has the most snipers in one part of the level, so you should execute techniques like the Barrel Roll whenever you need to move across open areas.

Once the level begins, pick up the Dragunov Sniper Rifle at the corner to the right and immediately change to the crouching position. Activate the Nano Suit and move around the entry into the large room ahead with the two guards speaking to each other. View Screenshot You will need to be quick here, so merge to the right side of the room and hide behind the crates to the right. Remaining crouched behind the crates, pull out the Rappel and do not do anything until you can see that both of the talking guards have walked away in separate directions. View Screenshot It does not matter if your Nano Suit has been deactivated from this point. When the enemies start to walk away, making sure their backs are turned away from you, shoot the Rappel towards the Rappel point at the top of the room. View Screenshot Quickly stand up from the crates and move towards the wall. While you move up the wall, pull out the Silenced Pistol and reach the top ledge. View Screenshot If you manage to get to the top without alerting the first two guards or the sniper above, you will earn the first Bond Moment in the level.

Now that you at the top, turn left and kill the unaware sniper standing down the hallway. View Screenshot Follow the hallway and enter the room ahead, killing a few enemies with Shotguns and turn right into the next room. View Screenshot In here, you can drop down the hole to the right corner to the floor below, but a much more safer method to get below is going down the stairs by moving through the opening at the left corner. Once you go around the stairs, kill the enemy that runs out of the room to the left. View Screenshot Go inside that room and head towards the far right corner, through the next opening that leads into the second story of the Lobby Area. View Screenshot Move down the stairs slightly and use the Bond Sense to target the support wire for the chandelier at the middle of the Lobby. View Screenshot Shoot the supporting wire to make it fall down to the two enemies below, earning you the second Bond Moment. There maybe another one or two enemies hiding behind the pillars, so remain on the stairs and shoot them from a distance when you have the chance to. Once it is safe, move to the stairs going upwards ahead and drop down into the gap. View Screenshot You have to disable two Electronic Door Locks to unlock the door at the second story of the Lobby Area. When you are inside the first small room underneath the stairs, press the action button on the switch to disable the first lock. View Screenshot

When you have done that, use the wall hug technique near the wall that leads to the exit to kill any enemies lurking around the area ahead. View Screenshot If you cannot manage to shoot any of them, move a little closer by moving up to the crate. View Screenshot Shoot the enemies hiding behind the tables at the middle open area first before killing the ones hiding behind the pillars. After killing four or five enemies, move across to the small room at the opposite side of the stairs. View Screenshot Also make sure you stock up on ammunition from the enemies dead bodies to prepare for the next part. When you make it inside, the second Electronic Lock is there, so go next to it an disable it by pressing the action button. View Screenshot Once it is disabled, the Double Doors at the second story open, so this is the next destination, but first, you must fight your way through the next bunch of enemies that have arrived at the Lobby, including some trigger happy snipers along the balcony at the far end of the room. Quickly head out of the room and shoot any enemies standing on the stairs at the middle, to the left. Right after that, use the wall hug technique on the closest pillar to kill the snipers. View Screenshot The ground soldiers at this part tend to spend some time hiding behind the other pillars, which buys you some time to kill the snipers. Once all the soldiers around here have been killed, head back up the stairs and turn left at the second bunch of stairs, moving back towards the second story of the area.

Once you reach the second story again, head left and follow the balcony all the way around to the opposite side so you can reach the door you have just opened recently. View Screenshot When you are about halfway through the balcony, hide behind the crate to the right so you can kill the two enemies hiding behind the door at the room ahead. View Screenshot Another enemy also runs from the left, so kill him before moving towards the door at the other side. When you finally reach the opened doors, head into the next room and move down the stairs. Kill the sniper standing at the Attic above and you will need to make your way up here later on by using the Rappel. View Screenshot Kill another three or four enemies and make your way to the ground level at the bottom of the stairs. Move ahead and turn right into the next room. When you enter this room, kill the enemies inside and the doors ahead should start closing, so you cannot enter the lair through the direct route. View Screenshot You will need to find an alternate path so you can get into Yayakov's Lair. Head to the right side of the stairs, but do not go up them. Deploy the Q Spider and make it go through the small shaft underneath the stairs. View Screenshot Move it through the various ramps and crawl spaces until you reach a small secret room. Even if you get lost for a while moving it through the numerous shafts, there is only one path that leads to the secret room. When you have found the Secret Room, move the Q Spider towards the secret door disguised as a painting and then detonate it, blasting the entry open and earning you the last Bond Moment. View Screenshot

Go up the stairs and head towards the room at the far left. View Screenshot Once you are inside the next room, go into the secret room and collect all the pickups possible. When you are done, make your way out back towards the stairs and use the Rappel to go up towards the Attic. View Screenshot Once at the top, turn left and kill another few enemies waiting at the next room further ahead. Go into the next room, turn right and head into the entry of the smaller room at the right corner. Arriving at the last room of the attic, turn left and Rappel down the wall to the ground level below. View Screenshot

When you reach the bottom, kill the last group of enemies by hiding behind some cover. View Screenshot Once they all have been eliminated, head into the Yayakov's Lair ahead to finish the mission.

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