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MISSION 23 - THE HIGH ROAD  [ Puerto Viejo, Peru ]
Level Type:
Driver - Car - Rally car
Driver - Motorcycle - Triumph Daytona 600
Gold Award Target:
300.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Get to the Mine in Less than 1:20
Standard Objectives:
- Deliver Serena to the Hotel Americano and acquire the Triumph Motorcycle
- Arrive at Platinum Mine Entrance
- Find Secret Access to Mine Route
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Take the shortcut by going over the stairs at the Fireworks Factory, to the right of the Tank Blockade.
2 Ride up the stairs to the right of the buggy blockade after starting the second part of the level.
3 Use the Power Slide technique to slide underneath the low hanging obstacle at the waterfall.

You can use the map provided to aid you in the first part of this mission. When the level begins, you find yourself driving down the road with the Rally Car as an alternate escape vehicle. Use the weight of the car to destroy the two motorcycles that ride along with you as you go around the twists and turns. View Screenshot Once you reach the village, there is a Tank Blockade blocking the path ahead, so merge right and drive up the stairs near the Fireworks Shop to take a shortcut and to also earn the first Bond Moment. View Screenshot Make the way up the S-Curves, eliminating several more motorcycles until you reach the top. View Screenshot Arriving at the next village area, pass through the two buggies and drive across the park area, merging towards the right side. View Screenshot When you arrive at the Hotel, drive through the blue circle to end the first part of the level. View Screenshot

For the next part, you will need to get to the entrance of Diavolo's Platinum Mine. Now that you are on the motorcycle, ride up the stairs to the right of the buggies to earn another Bond Moment. View Screenshot Back track through the S-Curves, destroying another few motorcycles until you reach the second village area. After exiting the S-Curves, merge to the left a little and go through the road with the debris of the destroyed archway. View Screenshot Follow the next bunch of S-Curves until you reach the shortcut, which you should take to get to the Mine quicker. View Screenshot While riding towards the Mine, you will encounter numerous Buggies, so either try to avoid them, or just destroy them using the Rockets or Flamethrower. View Screenshot Drive into the blue circle to continue the mission. View Screenshot

After finding out that the entrance is blocked, you will need to find an alternate path to the mine. Here is a more specific map of the Secret route that leads to the back entrance of the Platinum Mine. Turn around and ride up through the small archway ahead to enter the secret route. View Screenshot

Ride at a fast speed while moving underneath the archway, so you bike can fly up to the ledge above. Go around the corner to the left and take one of the two stairs ahead to get to the next area. View Screenshot When you arrive at the top area, go right around the corner and ride up the next bunch of stairs so you can land on the brown roof and flip up to the ledge ahead. View Screenshot Move straight from here into the winding narrow path that leads back to the Village area at the middle. View Screenshot After you pass the numerous curves and end up on the roof of another white building, ride over the ramp to land at the next building at the other side. View Screenshot At this point, if you ever fall off, you can enter through the alternate entrance into the secret path to cut some time off. View Screenshot

Once you land at the second building, go over the next ramp just ahead to land on the wooden platform further ahead. As soon as you land here, make a sharp left into the corner and ride across the archway bridge that is destroyed to land inside the office. View Screenshot Drive through the two doors and then turn left at the next corner, ride up to the next ramp to land on the next building. View Screenshot Once you have landed on the second building, you will need to again ride up another ramp at a short distance to land at the third building at the other side. When you have landed here, ride through the double wooden doors and move up stairs, landing back at the secret path once again. View Screenshot Follow the path until you reach the next building. View Screenshot From here you can take two ways - underneath the archway to the left - or to the lower section of the roof to the right. View Screenshot The best way to take is the left, so ride through here and go up the next ramp jumping towards the second building below. Once you land on this building, let go of the acceleration until you are about to go off the ramp to the third building below. The third building is quite small, so if you go too fast off the second building, you might pass the third building altogether and land at the road just before the fourth building, making you having to start the route again.

Landing on the fourth building, ride down to the bottom of the stairs in which is the final ramp. View Screenshot Go over this ramp to get over to the route on the other side of the road below. View Screenshot Ride around the long corner until you make it to the wooden bridge, which then collapses because of the weight of the motorcycle. View Screenshot You now end up at a waterfall area. View Screenshot Once you land on the waterfall, ride down the slope as fast as you can for about three seconds. Getting enough speed, immediately do a Power Slide so you can slide underneath the low hanging obstacle without dying - and if you pull it off successfully, you will earn the last Bond Moment. View Screenshot When you have control of the bike again inside the caves, simply just ride as fast as you can and jump off the cliff to end the level. View Screenshot

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