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MISSION 29 - EVERYTHING OR NOTHING  [ Secret Nuclear Command Bunker, Moscow, Russia ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
450.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Complete Mission in less than 5:00.
Standard Objectives:
- Find the Launch Area
- Defeat the Rocket Launcher Guard
- Reach the Turret and Avoid the Exhaust Flames
- Destroy the Missile
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- Desert Eagle .44
- AK-74 Assault Rifle
- SIG 552 Commando
- SPAS-12 Shotgun
- Dragunov Sniper Rifle
- AT-420 Rocket Launcher

Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Sleeper Dart Gun
- Network Tap Gun
- Fragmentation Grenade
- Strobe Grenade
- ElectroMagnetic Pulse Grenade
- Q Spider
- Nano Suit
- Thermovision Goggles
Bond Moments:
1 Use the Q Spider to blow off the plank holding the Metal Doors near the Vault closed.
2 Enter inside the Vault Room after blasting the door open with the Q Spider - you will need to open the Vault Door from Mission 26 in order to properly obtain this Bond Moment.
3 Target the Container in the Warehouse Area using the Bond Sense and shoot it when the enemies are underneath it.

By far, one of the most difficult levels in the entire singleplayer mode, this is the mission in which you will get to confront Nikolai Diavolo for once and for all. Unfortunately though, you do not start off at the Launch Area, which is the place you need to be to fight Nikolai, so you will have to battle your way through groups of enemies before you can pull the trigger at the boss. This can be a very tiedious progress for people trying to play this level on 00 Agent. Body Armour is scarce in parts of the level, so gain access into the Vault Room at the start of the level to get all sorts of pickups. Of course, you need to open the Vault Door from Mission 26, so if you have not yet done that, it is best that you replay that level and open the Red Vault Door as you play the level. Whenever you play this level on 00 Agent, you will need to take it slow and easy at some parts to avoid getting damaged too much. Although the wall hug technique is suitable for most parts of the level, I personally suggest not to use this technique when you are battling it out in the Warehouse as there is just far too many enemies that come from pretty much any direction that you can walk from and to. Try to also kill every single enemy in each room. You do not want to skip into an area, pass a few enemies and realize that you are near the end part of the level, only to have an enemy from before to sneak up behind you and kill you - it can happen.

When the level has commenced, pull out the SIG 552 and run towards the metal shutter ahead, targeting each of the first three enemies standing at the doorway that are ready to run out. View Screenshot While you shoot each enemy, make sure you run towards the metal shutter and stop before you enter inside it - you do not want to go into the next room just yet. Straight after killing the third enemy, kill the fourth enemy hiding behind the crates to the left, then make your way into the second room. View Screenshot Once you enter the second room, hide behind the two crates at the middle and kill the first enemy standing next to it. Stand up for a short amount of time and kill the enemy standing inside the Vault Room to the left which is currently locked. Look ahead again and kill the two enemies running across the metal walkway before they manage to hide behind the red crates to the left side. Kill another enemy hiding behind the red crate to the direct right and shoot the last one or two enemies hiding behind the numerous red crates at the far side of the room. View Screenshot Once you have killed everyone in the first two rooms, you can head into the next room through the metal shutter to the far right corner of the room. However, if you want to earn the first two Bond Moments in the level, make the way back into the first large room you started in.

When you have made it back to the first room, move next to the small crates stacked to the right - the crates which the fourth enemy was hiding behind earlier on. View Screenshot Deploy the Q Spider nearby and make it move through the small gap behind the stacked crates. After passing the first passage, turn right into the open area and head left near the big red metal container further ahead. There is still enough space on the ledge for the Q Spider to pass, but watch out for the big gap at the middle as the Q Spider can fall into here. Passing the red container, merge right so you go underneath the metal platform and head straight, through the numerous wooden crates until you reach the other side. View Screenshot When you have exited from below the metal platform, make a U-Turn to the right and go up the stairs. Follow the platform until you reach the end of it, in which you move the Q Spider through the gaps of the platform railing. Moving on top of the containers, head towards the first metal beam to the left corner and carefully move across it. Do the same for the second downwards beam to the right, but you might need to adjust the camera to see the metal beam. View Screenshot Once you are at the bottom of the second beam, turn left through the open window into the Vault Room. Drop down the crates to the floor and turn right, heading towards the door at the front. Move next to the metal door and detonate the Q Spider to destroy the metal beam holding the doors shut and therefore earning you the First Bond Moment in the level. View Screenshot Walk into the Large Vault Room - that you should of opened back at Mission 26 - to earn the Second Bond Moment and to obtain the numerous armour, battery and weapon pickups. View Screenshot This will be essential for some of the things you will be doing later on, so replay Mission 26 if you have not got the Red Vault Door opened. Once you are done, head into the third room. One last note about the Q Spider - try to only use one Q Spider to unlock the Entry Door to the Vault as you will probably be using more Q Spiders a bit later on to kill groups of enemies at once.

Follow the corridor into the third room, which is coincidentally darkened. Activate the Thermovision Goggles and hide against the wall at the end of the corridor. Shoot the three enemies that eventually run around ahead them pull out a weapon like the SIG 552 or Desert Eagle and move towards the two crates ahead. From here, look above to the far left corner of the room and quickly shoot the sniper. View Screenshot Luckily, he usually misses on the first few shots, so you can shoot him while he gets ready to fire again. Once he is down, go around the shelf at the middle and move towards the hallway at the other side, but do not go into yet. If there is an enemy there, shoot him and stand near the entry of the hallway. From here, deploy a Q Spider and move it through the hallway into the fourth room to the right. Inside here, there are about eight enemies all grouped up, except for one of them who is standing behind a crate further away - so do not worry about that enemy for now. If you wish to use the Cloak for the Q Spider, you can, but the best thing to do is once you have turned right into the room, move as fast as you can next to the group of enemies and detonate it to kill most of them at one go. View Screenshot There is a chance that all of the patrolling enemies will not die from the first Q Spider, but you can deploy a second one to finish off the other majority of the enemies. Do not worry about any of the enemies running towards you as they still are unaware of your presence as you use the Q Spiders at this part. Once you are done killing the group of enemies, move into the fourth room and finish off any remaining enemies, including the one hiding behind the crates to the left of the next door that leads into the Warehouse area. View Screenshot When you are done, head through the double doors to go into the Warehouse area.

Once the door is open, look above to the right and there is a Rocket Launcher Soldier standing on top of the stacked containers. Shoot him down and a few of his rockets will destroy some objects around the roof, causing them to fall and blocking off some direct routes through the Warehouse. View Screenshot If you are finding it hard to find the way around this area, you can always use the map included as a general reference. The first group of enemies consists of about 15 enemies running around the different containers which ultimately makes it harder to find or even chase after them. View Screenshot There is an additional one or two enemies that move along the red metal pylon above, causing some problems when you are trying to find cover from the ground troops, as the enemies above have much greater view area than the others below. View Screenshot There is also one sniper that stands at the opposite side of the warehouse, on one of the balconies - this is the target you might want to eliminate after shooting some of the soldiers on the ground level. You will need to move closer to the Sniper in order to target him, but the SIG 552 can make short work of this. Alternatively, you can also use the Dragunov from the first sniper you killed earlier on the level to kill this sniper. View Screenshot Whenever you encounter any of the ground troops, kill them quickly as they group together pretty fast and hold weapons like the SIG 552 and the Shotgun - making them very deadly. When you have the perfect chance to kill any enemies moving on the pylon above, target and shoot them for best results. You can actually use the Thermovision Goggles throughout the Warehouse Area to see the enemies more clearly. Occassionally, there is the odd enemy that can cloak, so this could be a good thing to use if you are having trouble looking for any remaining enemies. As mentioned before, it is best to kill all the enemies in the area before you move on to the next section so no one can create any surprise attacks. Kill the last enemy standing on the containers near the start of the second area before moving on.

The second area starts when you move towards the stack of containers in which one of the enemies on the highest container pushes the container door open. View Screenshot Kill him and turn right, using the wall hug technique and looking to the left, were there is one container hanging at the roof above. View Screenshot Use the Bond Sense to target the supporting wire for the container, but wait until some enemies to the left move underneath it before shooting it. If it collapses on top of an enemy, you will earn the third Bond Moment in the level. Kill the next group of about 13 to 15 enemies, all of which are ground soldiers - with a few of them being able to cloak, before proceeding around the area to the final section of the Warehouse. You can use the wall hug technique after getting the third Bond Moment to kill about half of the enemies that run into the area. View Screenshot After leaving the second area - moving along the narrow section of the Warehouse, towards the other side, there is a one enemy hiding behind a container and a Shotgun Trooper that kicks the container door open further ahead. View Screenshot Kill both of them and continue to move straight, having the SIG 552 pulled out. Target the sniper standing on the top of the structure first. View Screenshot Do the same thing to kill Rocket Soldier standing on the Red Metal Pylon above, to the left. View Screenshot After killing both of them, move in-between the containers to the left in which there is one more Rocket Soldier and the last group of enemies. View Screenshot There is about another 10 to 12 enemies here, so move towards the building at the side for cover. View Screenshot Kill the first bunch of enemies before moving forward towards the exit. Use the small crates to cover yourself from the gunfire as you shoot the enemies through the windows. View Screenshot

If you find yourself stuck with low armour and you do not want to walk all the way back to find some, you can alternatively use the Nano Suit before moving into the third area. It is a bit risky, but if you activate it at an area first where there is no enemies nearby, there is a less chance that they will be able to see you. With the Nano Suit activated, run across to the far left corner of the Warehouse to find the exit. View Screenshot You may occassionally pass the few enemies that fire their weapons randomly in hope they will hit you, but as long as you weave through the numerous containers and continue to run, you will be able to survive. Run through the exit door and quickly continue from there.

If your energy is too low to use the Nano Suit or you still have low health, you can use the pillar to the far left of where the exit door is located. View Screenshot From here, you can target any enemies running out of the exit door into the Warehouse by using the SIG 552. When all the enemies have been pretty much blasted away, you can use the Rappel on the Rappel Point just above the Exit Door. View Screenshot This will lead you to the top of the building, but there is not much to collect and find over here, except being able to drop into the exit room by going down the gap, landing on a raised platform with some body armour. View Screenshot Activate the Thermovision Goggles and enter the second room of the Exit Area, killing the remaining enemies hiding behind the object at the middle of the room. They may cloak, so kill them fast. After passing through the first two exit rooms, go through the small double doors into the next corridor. Wait here until an enemy comes from the corner to the right. View Screenshot Kill him and use the wall hug technique against the wall facing towards the last few enemies further down the next corridor. View Screenshot Your main priority is to kill the Rocket Soldier standing at the middle, before he manages to take chunks of health away from you. He can prove really annoying, but use the SIG 552 once again to make this an easier job. Once you have killed him and another two soldiers, move down the corridor and turn left towards the Red Door. Walk towards it, wait until it opens and enter inside the next room to end the first part of the level. View Screenshot

Once the next part has loaded, move ahead towards the second door and move into the next room. Collect the Rocket Launcher ammo to the left side of the room if you need it. View Screenshot Go to the middle of the room and head down the ramp towards the third red door to proceed into the final area. View Screenshot This is the part in which you encounter Diavolo. It is pretty easy actually. The only thing you have to worry about is the rockets being launched from his Defence Turret. The firing rate of the rockets is quite slow, but avoid receiving direct hits from the rockets as these can prove deadly. After the cutscene, make sure the Rocket Launcher is the weapon you are using and immediately target the Chamber. View Screenshot You will need to fire about five rockets to actually destroy it, but along the way, you can easily dodge his rockets by using the side barrel rolls while the chamber is still targeted by your Rocket Launcher. Wait until the rocket is launched from the turret before you roll, because once it is fired, the rocket only moves towards the area it was originally aimed at. By using the side barrel rolls after they are launched, you can dodge the rockets without receiving much, or any damage at all. Once you have hit the Chamber with about five rockets, that is the end of Diavolo, but he has managed to activate the Launch Sequence of the last Missile using his last ounce of effort. You will now need to destroy the Missile. Turn right and move straight, carefully avoiding the flames that rise out of the small Exhaust Ports to avoid instant death. View Screenshot Move ahead a bit more until you reach the small opening leading towards the entry of the Turret to the right. View Screenshot

Once you have entered the black area of the passage, you are given automatic control of the Turret. This is the only thing that can be used to destroy the Missile at the moment. View Screenshot It starts to launch at a slow speed, so you can perhaps hit it with two rockets before it gets higher. At this point, aim a bit more carefully and hit it with a third rocket to destroy the Missile. View Screenshot If it gets higher, you will need to fire the rockets ahead of it more and more as it goes further up, so be quick. If you do fail the mission, you start again from the point before you verse Diavolo, so there is not much catching up to do to get to this very last part of the level.

Once the Missile is destroyed, you have successfully stopped Diavolo's conquest for World Domination and once again, saved the world.

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