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MISSION 16 - BATTLE IN THE BIG EASY  [ New Orleans, America ]
Level Type:
Driver - Car - Armoured Limousine
Driver - Car - Aston Martin Vanquish
Gold Award Target:
250.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Get to Diavolo's Compund in Less than 0:55
Standard Objectives:
- Take Mya to Bond's Lair
- Allow Mya to Defuse the Bomb
- Destroy the VoloTech Compound
- Locate Access Point for the RC Car
- Use Laser on the Fuel Access Panel
- Deliver Mya to her Apartment
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Smoke Screen one of the Black Cars at the start of the level.
2 Use the RC Car to destroy the VoloTech Factory.
3 Get to Mya's Apartment quickly, without having enemies in the vicinity.

This is the final mission in which you get to use the Vanquish. There aren't many enemies in the mission, but they can prove annoying should they follow you around for some amount of time. The limousine has no weapons and it's only form of defence is the Smoke Screen device, which is helpful to use for stalling any enemies vehicles driving behind the Limousine. You can avoid the majority of the Black Cars that try to block your way, but destroy them if they become a real hassle and start taking large amounts of armour from your vehicle.

When you begin to drive, you shortly find out that the Limousine has been rigged with a Bomb that will either detonate by Timer or how fast you are driving. Once M has finished speaking, a speedometer will pop up at the top centre of the screen. This will show you how fast you are driving the Limousine and whether you are in any risk of going too slow and blowing up the vehicle. As long as the needle is pointing at the yellow or even better, the white section of the speedometer, you should be fine. If the needle drops to the red zone, this indicates that you are going too slow and you have an increased risk of the bomb detonating. Also, when it reaches the red section, the speedometer tends to disappear and a sequence of beeping sounds will come. If you go too slow or stop at this point, you have very little time to get the car going fast enough to avoid the Bomb from detonating. Drive the Limousine around the block to let the countdown timer of 50 seconds go down while using the Smoke Screen sparingly to distract and Black Cars behind you. Continue driving around the block until the timer reaches one second remaining, in which Mya manages to defuse it. Make your way to 007's Secret Lair and drive through the small passageway into the confined driveway. If you have any enemies in the vicinity before entering inside, you will need to lose or destroy the enemies around the immediate area in order to enter inside the Lair. Once it is clear, drive inside the driveway to the Lair to end the first part of the level. View Screenshot

After the cutscene, drive out of the Lair, back outside, and use the Missiles to destroy the Black Car that comes from the left. View Screenshot Turn left at the road and drive towards the VoloTech Factory to the west. While you are driving along the road at the coastline, a few more Black cars block the way. View Screenshot You are better off destroying these vehicles as they will more than likely follow you if you pass them. View Screenshot Upon arriving at the entry of the Factory, drive towards the blue circle near the entry of the Factory to deploy the RC Car. View Screenshot When it is deployed, move it up the metal pipe which leads inside the actual factory. View Screenshot Move it towards the end of the metal platform after passing the pipe and use the Laser to shoot the steam valve, scaring off the two enemies standing at the platform below. View Screenshot Once that is done, drive off the current platform onto the one below and move the RC Car straight until you reach the corner, which you then turn left and follow the next straight. When you get to the T Junction, turn right and follow the platform, going around another corner to the left once again and then eventually dropping off to the ground once the platform ends. Move straight towards the Fuel Canister and shoot the Laser at the Unit near the Canister to make it explode, destroying the entire Factory. View Screenshot

You now need to escort Mya back to her Apartment. Drive back all the way to the main road and destroy the two roadblocks of Black Cars after leaving the Factory along the way. When you make it to the main road once again, turn left, avoiding the enemy car that speeds past you and go around a few curves, encountering another two cars heading directly towards you. Use the Missiles to destroy the Cars ahead while using the Acid Slicks to hopefully destroy the ones behind and turn at the first right. When you have turned here, move straight a little and turn left at the next road, driving through the long straight until you reach the blue circle, which will end the mission. View Screenshot

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