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MISSION 12 - MARDI GRAS MAYHEM  [ New Orleans, America ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Driver - Car - Aston Martin Vanquish
Driver - Truck - VoloTech Transport Truck
Gold Award Target:
200.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Get to the Diner in Less than 0:45
Standard Objectives:
- Rendezvous with the NSA Agent
- Steal the Transport Truck
- Infiltrate the VoloTech Compound
- Place the Tracking Device on the Truck
- Stop the Henchman
- Get to the Club
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Take the shortcut while driving towards the Diner.
2 Drive the Aston Martin Vanquish into the Transport Truck at the Diner.
3 Take another shortcut with the Aston Martin Vanquish when leaving the VoloTech Factory.
4 Use Non-Lethal means of attack - the Acid Slicks - to stop the Limousine.

This is the first mission in the singleplayer game that you get to use the rather bulky but fast Aston Martin Vanquish. It's like an armoured tank, so be extremely careful when driving fast not to hit any Civilian Cars as they can be destroyed at impact, thus causing you to fail the mission. Also take note that the road is a little 'slick', so that will cause some traction loss while turning corners, especially if you are speeding. Unfortunately though, you cannot waste any time, so speed is a big factor that can determine whether you pass the objective, or fail it because you are too slow.

Once the level begins, you need to meet up with the NSA Agent, Mya Starling, at the City Park. Take the main road you start on to take you most of the way there. View Screenshot Once you get to the entry of the City Park, enter the driveway and drive into the parking lot indicated by the blue circle. View Screenshot Get out of the Car and a cutscene will begin. Since you did not get to meet up with the Agent in person yet, as it was only a Phone Call, you will need to find a source of information to tell you which Club she is in at the moment. First of all though, you need to drive towards the Diner down south from the current position, where you can get one of Diavolo's Transport Trucks to hide your Aston Martin Vanquish inside while driving it towards the Factory to the west of the level. You have about 1 Minute to get to the Diner.

While you are taking the quick route, make sure you take the shortcut to cut the time driving down to the Diner by about half. View Screenshot You also earn the first Bond Moment by taking the shortcut. When you arrive at the Diner, one of the Trucks is parked on the parking lot. Drive the Vanquish into the blue circle and exit the Car. Move to the back-left side part of the Truck to open the bay door at the back of the vehicle. View Screenshot Once the door opens, get back inside the Vanquish and carefully drive it into the Truck. Once the Car is inside completely, you automatically have control of the Truck and you will earn the second Bond Moment. Do a 180 degree turn from the parking lot and follow the road to the VoloTech Factory.

After driving through the entry of the Factory, drive the Truck through the entry of the closest Warehouse. View Screenshot When you have entered the building, drive straight ahead and park the Truck at the blue circle. View Screenshot Get out of the vehicle and move towards the back of the second parked Truck to the right and place the Tracking Device by pressing the action button. View Screenshot Once you have done that, another cutscene begins.

You will need to chase after a Limousine with a henchman inside it, that can give you the name of the Club the NSA Agent is being held in. You can take this part of the mission in two ways. You can either use the VoloTech Transport Truck or the Aston Martin Vanquish. Try to memorize the main routes that the Limousine takes while it is being chased.

If you want to use the VoloTech Truck again, simply go to the front of the Truck you have parked earlier on and enter inside the vehicle. View Screenshot The problem with the Truck is that you cannot take the shortcut out of the Factory, so therefore you cannot obtain one of the Bond Moments in this level. Instead, you are required to drive out of the main entry. View Screenshot The main advantages of using the Truck is that your time is automatically increased to about 4 Minutes 20 Seconds once you enter inside the vehicle and it also holds heavier armour compared to the Vanquish. The potential ownside though is this Truck has no weapons or gadgets what so ever, so you will need to rely on the good old ram the Car trick to get the Limousines armour points down to zero. View Screenshot When you are driving the Truck though, the Limousine tends to drive a lot slower than usual, even after ramming it. If you are lucky enough, considering the Limousine takes shortcuts with big jumps, you can try to get right behind the Limousine and once it goes off a ramp, it will land underneath you. If you manage to land on top of the Limousine, it is pretty much instant destruction of the Limousine. Ultimately, you will miss out on two of the four Bond Moments in this level when using the Truck, so decide carefully.

Alternatively, you can use the Aston Martin Vanquish to pass this part of the mission. You are given about 2 Minutes 50 Seconds when you drive this Car, which is less than the Truck, but it is easier to stop the Limousine using the Car. Either when you get out of the Truck for the first time, or after the cutscene when planting the Tracking Device on the other Truck, you can press the bay door button at the back of the Truck to open the ramp, releasing the Vanquish from behind. View Screenshot Enter inside the vehicle and exit from the Warehouse you are in. Instead of having to exit through the main entry of the Factory, you can easily take the shortcut up the pipe, landing inside a building at the other side if you were driving fast enough. View Screenshot If you land in the building when driving off the pipe, you will earn the third Bond Moment, so remember to drive fast.

After taking the shortcut, catch up to the Limousine as quick as possible, which isn't really a problem considering the fast speed of the Vanquish. When you get near the Limousine though, it tends to speed up a little more, making it harder to get. Use the Electromagnetic gadget to slow down the Limousine. View Screenshot At first, it's hard to notice the Limousine slowing down when you manage to hit it, but once all the loose metal objects nearby start sticking to the Limousine, that's when the difference really comes in. Try to know the route the Limousine takes and stop somewhere in it's route to make 'Acid Traps'. When the Limousine starts to get close to you, hog a small road and drive up and down the lanes filling them up with Acid slicks. View Screenshot Most of the time, it works, but if it doesn't, do not worry about it, there is always another chance to do it somewhere else - but try to do it fast anyway. If you manage to get the Limousine to go over the Acid, it pretty much explodes when it touches the Acid. Since you have used Non-Lethal means of attack to stop the Limousine, you earn the last Bond Moment in the level - something you cannot get when using the Truck. Also, do not bother shooting the Black Cars defending the Limousine every now and then as they do not usually cause enough damage and most of the time, you drive too fast for them to hit you in the first place. If they are constantly following you however, just launch a few missiles towards it to destroy the vehicle.

Once you find out the Club name, you have about 1 Minute 30 Seconds to make a dash to the Club located at the east of the map. Once you arrive near the Club, drive the Car into the blue circle to end the mission. View Screenshot

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