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MISSION 14 - UNDERWORLD  [ Kiss Kiss Club Exterior, New Orleans, America ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
Platinum Objectives:
Standard Objectives:
- Rescue Mya
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- Desert Eagle .44
- MP5K Sub-Machine Gun
- SPAS-12 Shotgun
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Q Spider
- Nano Suit
- Thermovision Goggles

This is a rather short mission you get to play once you have unlocked it by obtaining 11 Gold Awards from the other Singleplayer Missions. It is pretty easy on 00 Agent, but there is hardly any Body Armour around the level, so take care when you verse a few enemies at once or the hostiles that hold weapons like Shotguns. Also, there are n

From the start of the level, move to the end of the wall to the right and use the wall hug technique. Use the Silenced Pistol to shoot the guard sitting down on the chair at the other side of the room. Try to get a head shot. Once he is down, get the Skeleton Key mounted on the hook next to the brown door. View Screenshot Proceed through the door to the next area.

Move down the stairs and kill a few enemies inside the corridor. Turn left at the corridor. From here, you can get into the next area by using one of two different methods. The easiest and best way is by using the Skeleton Key on the door nearby to unlock it and proceed into the next room which has one enemy inside it and eventually leads towards the pipe room at the other side. The second option is to blast the wall open nearby by using the Q Spider. Deploy the Q Spider and send it into the shaft near the locked door. View Screenshot Follow the shaft until you get to the other end, in which, there is a guard sitting next to some explosive barrels. Explode it next to the barrels to blow a hole open at the wall in the corridor, leading straight into the back area of the pipe room. View Screenshot

There are several enemies to kill around the pipe room area, so keep a close guard, but you should make you way into the next room at the opposite side of the pipe room to continue the
level. Go up the ramp to enter into the next room through the brown door. View Screenshot In this room, there are a few enemies hiding behind some of the crates and shelves in this room, but you can use the Bond Sense to target some of the Gas Canisters on some of the shelves and shoot them to kill the enemies. When you walk to the other side of the Storage Room, towards the hallway that goes to the right, another enemy runs across from the room ahead so kill him, pull out an Automatic Weapon or the Shotgun and storm into the next large room. View Screenshot Inside here, there is one or two enemies to kill behind the large Wooden Counter and another few to the right side of the room. You can pick up a whole bunch of MP5K ammo from behind the Counter by entering through the door at the other side of the large room, but as you exit from here, there are sometimes a few enemies that await outside for you at the other side of the door. View Screenshot Kill any enemies you see and turn left, into the next door that leads back into the corridor below.

Kill the remaining enemies in the corridor, including the one hiding at the far side that you cannot enter, and then move towards the door at the end of the corridor to finish the level. View Screenshot

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