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MISSION 7 - SERENA ST. GERMAINE  [ Puerto Viejo, Peru ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Driver - Car - Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Gold Award Target:
150.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Get to Diavolo's Fortress in Less than 1:50
Standard Objectives:
- Intercept Patrol Jeep before it reaches Village
- Locate and enter 003's Hideout
- Get to the Hotel Americano
- Avoid or Eliminate the Enemy Patrols
- Reach the Base of the Mountain Fortress
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Create a distraction by blowing up the Fireworks Workshop.
2 While traveling towards the Mountain Fortress, take the Shortcut.
You start off in the level chasing after a patrolling jeep. You are required to destroy the jeep before it reaches the village - which is some distance away, but it can be destroyed in several seconds if you manage not to crash the car against the walls too often. View Screenshot

After you have destroyed the jeep, make your way to 003's hideout. When you arrive at the perimeter of the hideout, an automatic ramp folds out from the rocks, enabling you to drive into the area. View Screenshot Drive towards the blue circle next to the house so you can get out of the vehicle. View Screenshot After going inside the hideout, you are required to drive to Hotel Americano, to pick up Serena, which is located further north from your current position. Try not to drive around too much as you are under a time limit. You need to drive around a certain route, as some areas are blocked off by heavy armoured tanks which can literally cripple your car. View Screenshot

When you reach the first village area, try to avoid contact with any patrolling vehicles. Nothing bad necessarily happens, but its just the constant annoyance of being chased all the time that can make things frustrating. Utilize the cloaking device while going through the heavily guarded parts of the villages, while deactivating it sometimes to recharge the power. When you reach the roadblock - blocking the way between the first and second village area, M suggests that you quickly create a distraction to break up the roadblock. View Screenshot If you wanted to, you can drive straight through it, but then you will not be able to earn one of the bond moments. If you want to create the distraction however, drive nearby the Fireworks Workshop and look for a blue circle across the road from the building, which will hide your car from the patrolling vehicles while you use the RC Car. View Screenshot

When you are using the RC Car, cross the road with it and go up the strairs to get to the second story of the building. Move along the ledge to find a small vent that you can burn using the RC's laser gun - but do not use the laser too much as it depletes the cars energy, causing it to explode shortly after. View Screenshot Once the metal hatch has been burnt off, go inside the room stashed with crates full of fireworks and fire the laser once again at the exposed sticks of fireworks. View Screenshot This causes the building to explode, creating a great distraction and earning you a bond moment. Now make your way towards the Hotel, while cloaking whenever you may pass any remaining patrolling vehicles. The car will automatically drive to the blue circle when you get close to it.

After picking up Serena, she tells you that all the police belong to Diavolo, so that obviously means that they are hostiles now. Now you have to make way to the other side of the level to reach the mountain fortress. Once you start driving, rely on your vehicles cloaking device to pass through enemy vehicles without getting caught. View Screenshot You won't have enough power charge to hold the cloak up for the whole trip to the fortress, so you are required to decloak to recharge the power while you are not near any hostile forces. Using the mini map at the top left corner of the screen will aid you when an enemy has been detected nearby, showing up as a red dot. If you do use the cloak, be careful not to bump into buildings or vehicles too hard, or else it will interfere with the mechanism, causing it to fail.

When you get closer towards the fortress, take a shortcut nearby the main road to earn the second bond moment in the level. View Screenshot When you reach the part of the road nearby the coastline area, a cutscene showing a tank driving towards you will shoot at a large pillar nearby, blocking the direct path to the fortress. Take the alternate route, which is simply done by taking a left from where the large pieces of debris landed on the road. View Screenshot After the next cutscene showing you skip along the shortcut, you will need to be going at a fast speed and have good control over the car to land at the opposite side of the ledge. Try to aim for the middle part of the ledge as this is probably the best part of the ledge to land at. Once you make it over, drive up the steep hill and head back towards the main road leading towards the fortress.

As you follow the road a bit more, M tells you not to take the front entry of the fortress as its being defended by tanks, so you will need to take another alternate route inside. To the left side of the road, when you get close to the fortress, is some barracades with black and yellow stripes blocking another entrance. View Screenshot Simply drive through this barracade to finish this mission.


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