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MISSION 24 - DIAVOLO'S PLAN  [ Diavolo's Platinum Mine, Puerto Viejo, Peru ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
375.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Finish the Mission in less than 3:30
Standard Objectives:
- Escape
- Retrieve the Equipment
- Destroy both Exhaust Systems
- Activate Override Switch in the Control Centre
- Escape from the Mine before it Blows

Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- Desert Eagle .44
- MP5K Sub-Machine Gun
- AK-74 Assault Rifle
- AT-420 Rocket Launcher
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Sleeper Dart Gun
- ElectroMagnetic Pulse Grenade
Bond Moments:
1 Shoot any of the Gas Canisters at the other side of the open area when an enemy stands next to them.
2 Use the Q Spider to collect the Body Armour underneath the stairs at the Control Centre.
3 Use the Q Spider again to destroy the Laser Net blocking the door near the Control Centre.

You will need to get yourself out of the tight situation you are in. Enter the weapons inventory and select the ElectroMagnetic Grenade. After selecting it, Bond will throw it at the Machine automatically, disabling it and therefore saving yourself from potential death. View Screenshot Now to collect your equipment, move to the right side of the room and head towards the table at the right corner, picking up both the Sleeper Dart and Rappel Gun. Go into the crouching position and wait until the enemy walks inside the room. Sneak up behind him and quickly knock him out, picking up his Pistol and the Locker Key. View Screenshot Use the Locker Key to unlock the weapons cabinet at the opposite side of the room, next to the Gas Canisters. View Screenshot Alternatively, you can shoot the Gas Canisters to blast the Cabinet open. Pick up the weapons inside here and exit the room, turning right at the open area.

Head to the end of the straight, killing any enemies behind you, and press the action button on the Elevator Control Console. View Screenshot This will lower the elevator at the other side of the floor to your level. You will need to get inside the Elevator to proceed further into the level. Turn around and move straight towards the other side. While you are moving there, look right to the other side of the open area and two enemies will be moving around the various metal platforms. Target the Gas Canisters with the Bond Sense and shoot any one of the Canisters when one of the enemies is standing next to them to earn the first Bond Moment. View Screenshot After doing that, head towards the other end of the platform and kill the several enemies lurking around the area. Hide behind the numerous crates for cover and then once they have been eliminated, move to the far left corner of the area and enter inside the elevator, pressing the button to make it go up to the floor above. View Screenshot

When you get to the second floor, exit from the elevator and turn right at the platform. Kill another few enemies standing around different parts of the platform ahead. After that, turn right again, heading towards the conveyor belt on the floor with the big metal stamps hitting the ground. You will need to shoot the Steam Valves to stop these metal objects moving up and down, making it safe for you to pass underneath them. View Screenshot Altogether, you will need to shoot three steam valves to stop all of them, but just be careful not to slip too far back on the conveyor belt as you will fall into the machine at the gap below and die. When you have passed the three metal stamping machines, merge right at the platform and head up the stairs. When you get to the top of the stairs, wait for a few seconds until you see a few enemies rappel to the platform ahead. Kill the first group of rappelling enemies and shortly after, kill the second group of enemies. View Screenshot Once they have been shot, stand on the platform ahead and turn around 180 degrees, facing towards the wall. The exposed piece of circuitry next to the flashing yellow light is the Exhaust Fan control system. Shoot the first one several times to deactivate it. View Screenshot Turn around and move through the rest of the platform until you reach the dead end - in which the second Exhaust Fan control system awaits. Shoot the circuitry to disable the Exhaust Fans, passing the objective. View Screenshot Pull out the Rappel Gun and attach it to the ledge further above, leading to the third level. View Screenshot Now that the Exhaust Fans have been disabled, the Mine goes into a critical state and will explode in a matter of minutes. The last part of the level is all about speed if you want to pass it successfully.

Once you reach the third floor, quickly run to the end of the platform and turn right through the metal door. If you wait around here for too long, you will be constantly bombarded by rappelling enemies to the left and other enemies coming through the metal door - in which you should hide behind the crates to receive additional protection. View Screenshot Make your through the metal doors to get into the first small room. In here, there are two entries - the one ahead is blocked off by Lasers for now, so come back here after you open the door in the control centre. View Screenshot For now, turn into the room to the left and move down the stairs to the lower level, killing any enemies along the way. Once you reach the bottom, go through the entry to the left leading into the Control Centre. Head down the next section of stairs to get to the floor below while once again, killing the numerous enemies moving and hiding around the lower section. When the area is clear, quickly move up to the Control Panel in front of the Laser Net and press the action button to open the door at the above floor. View Screenshot Before you move up the stairs again, deploy the Q Spider and move it underneath the stairs to collect the Body Armour, earning you the second Bond Moment. View Screenshot While you are using the Q Spider, move it out of the stairs towards the Laser Net blocking the opening of the door. View Screenshot Detonate the Q Spider near the Lasers to deactivate them, earning yourself the last Bond Moment. You can enter inside this small room to pick up some Rocket Launcher ammunition, but you will have to make your way back to exit the mine. Leave the room, go up the two groups of stairs - killing the last several enemies - to get back to the small room again and turn left, going through the door that was originally blocked off. Walk into the last room, eliminate the remaining two or three enemies and call the elevator at the other side of the room to send it to your floor. View Screenshot Once the door opens, enter inside the Elevator and press the button to make it ascend, eventually ending the level.

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