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MISSION 21 - RED LINE  [ Puerto Viejo, Peru ]
Level Type:
Driver - Car - Rally Car
Gold Award Target:
350.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Complete Race in less than 4:50
Standard Objectives:
- Place First in the Race
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Drive the car over the two concealed slopes after going around the first corner.
2 Take the shortcut after passing the Second Village Area.

This is more of an enjoyable mission to play. Instead of blasting enemies to the oblivion, you get to drive a Rally Car around the roads of Peru with several other opponents. You should concentrate carefully when driving around the sandy areas whenever another car is in front of you because the dust really starts to get frustrating and can really put you off. The main thing you should avoid besides the other cars is the Explosive Red Barrels mounted around some of the tight corners, often next to the barracades blocking off other routes. View Screenshot Hitting one bunch of barrels will damage your vehicle slightly, but not enough to cause any big problems, but avoid them at all costs. Concentrate on turning those corners without crashing anywhere and you should win the race with no problem.

The two Bond Moments in this level are pretty easy to obtain. The first one is located near the start of the level. Once the race begins, follow the road and go around the first medium corner to the left. When you have gone around the corner, move straight and merge right, towards the grass embankment and where the tree is further ahead. View Screenshot Right next to the tree is a slight upwards slope that will make your car go flying across the track ahead. To earn the first Bond Moment however, you need to go off the slope and move left towards the Sand Bank at the opposite side. View Screenshot Drive through the small sand bank as well, after going off the first jump, and get back to the main track again to obtain the Bond Moment.

The second Bond Moment is even easier to pull off. All you have to do is to take the small shortcut after passing the second village area in the track. View Screenshot Once you have passed the shortcut and go back on the main track, you will earn the second Bond Moment.

If you have any trouble trying to get ahead of another car that is right in front of you, try to ram the car at the back side to make it slide, losing control and eventually slowing it down for a short time. View Screenshot Ramming is probably the best technique to get you out of those situations where you are behind several cars, especially at the start. Always avoid driving into the middle of the pack as that will get you absolutely nowhere.

The rest is relatively self explanatory. Avoid the obstacles, do three laps around the track and get first to pass the mission.

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