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MISSION 27 - RED UNDERGROUND  [ Secret Nuclear Command Bunker, Moscow, Russia ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
425.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Fire 10 Rounds or Less
Standard Objectives:
- Find an Exit from the Elevator Shaft
- Locate the Tank Hangar Exit
- Find Diavolo
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- Desert Eagle .44
- SIG 552 Commando
- SPAS-12 Shotgun
- Dragunov Sniper Rifle
- AT-420 Rocket Launcher
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Sleeper Dart Gun
- Network Tap Gun
- Fragmentation Grenade
- Strobe Grenade
- ElectroMagnetic Pulse Grenade
- Q Spider
- Nano Suit
- Thermovision Goggles
Bond Moments:
1 Shoot the enemy standing on the metal platform, near the large Soviet Flag.
2 Use the Network Tap on a Platinum Tank.
3 Collect the Dragunov Sniper Rifle at the far right side of the first metal platform.
4 At the lower area, shoot the Console near the raised Tank to make it fall on the enemies below.
5 When you reach the Control Centre, use the switch to activate the Platinum Spray on one of the enemies.
6 Throw a Strobe Grenade at the last two Rocket Soldiers. Both enemies must be blinded to obtain this Bond Moment.

This level is a tactical assault towards Diavolo's enemy forces. Use anything to blast your enemies out of the way so you can exit the Tank Hangar area. There is really nothing too difficult in the level, except that the enemies at the far side of the Hangar tend to spawn in big groups, so you would want to be using something like the SIG 552, Dragunov or the Rocket Launcher to eliminate the hostiles from a distance.

You start at the bottom of the Elevator Shaft, from where the previous mission ended. Finding an exit from the Elevator Shaft is no real problem. Move straight ahead from the start and pull out the Rappel, using it against the ledge above to exit the Shaft area. View Screenshot When you reach the top, the metal doors right ahead start to open. From here, have the SIG 552 pulled out and shoot some of the soldiers at the ground below from the metal platform. In particular, shoot the enemy standing on the metal platform ahead, next to the control centre at the second floor. View Screenshot When he is killed, you will earn the first Bond Moment in the level. Move behind the metal doors and use the wall hug technique. Pull out the Network Tap Gun and target the closest Platinum Tank to the left side of the Hangar. View Screenshot Using the wall hug technique will hide you behind some cover, so you are not vulnerable while you are using the Tank. View Screenshot Once you gain control of the Tank, you will earn the next Bond Moment. Use the turret to quickly eliminate any Rocket Soldiers nearby and other soldiers running closer towards your position. Whenever you are done or when the Tank is destroyed, move to the metal platform again and turn right - to the lift that moves horizontally to the walkway at the opposite side. View Screenshot Press the action button on the platform to make it move. Once you reach the other side, go to the end of the platform to obtain the Dragunov Sniper Rifle, earning you the third Bond Moment. Jump off the ledge of the platform and get to the ground. View Screenshot From here, you will need to get to the very far left corner of the area to proceed further into the level. There is a Sniper hiding at the same corner, so get moving or hide behind the crates more often to avoid getting hit. View Screenshot If you have not killed any earlier in the level, there are also two rocket soldiers ahead. One stands around the centre part of the area, underneath the Control Centre. View Screenshot The second rocket soldier stands stationary behind a small opening at the far middle side of the area. View Screenshot Either way, the best bet is to use the Dragunov to eliminate the Sniper and Rocket Soldier standing at the far side after Rappelling down to the ground level.

Now that the annoying targets have been killed, you will need to make your way towards the far left corner. When you are nearly there, there is often a group of enemies that spawn to the left, causing some trouble. Hide behind a crate nearby, activate the Thermovision Goggles and kill all threats. There is always one enemy that stays cloaked for a while - the reason for wearing the Goggles. View Screenshot When you make it to the far left side, go down the ramp to the underground section. Shoot the explosive barrels at the bottom and turn left once you reach the bottom of the ramp. View Screenshot Move straight all the way to the other side, shooting a few enemies along the way and turn at the last right. Over here, there are two enemies standing underneath a Platinum Tank that has been raised. Use the Bond Sense to target the small console nearby and then shoot it to make the Tank collapse on top of the enemies, earning yourself the fourth Bond Moment. View Screenshot Continue to move ahead until you reach the lift, at which you move to the far end of it as well to activate it. View Screenshot

When the elevator moves up to the second floor, exit the lift and turn left at the T Junction of the metal platform. There is an enemy standing to the left of the control centre ahead, but do not kill him yet, just run into the control centre. View Screenshot Once you have made it inside here, press the switch to spray the Platinum all over the enemy, giving you another Bond Moment. View Screenshot A rappelling enemy often comes down behind you while you do this, so be prepared. Press the second switch in the control centre to lower the bridge further ahead. Cross the bridge to get to the other side. View Screenshot

After the cutscene, press the action button on the computer consoles to open the big grey door ahead. View Screenshot While it is about to open, quickly pull a Strobe Grenade and try to aim straight ahead. When the door opens, throw the grenade and detonate it once it bounces into the next room, blinding the two rocket soldiers inside here and earning you the final Bond Moment. View Screenshot Walk towards the next door to end the level.

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