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MISSION 19 - THE PONTCHARTRAIN BRIDGE  [ Lake Pontchartrain Bridge, New Orleans, America ]
Level Type:
Driver - Motorcycle - Triumph Daytona 600
Gold Award Target:
300.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
- Disable Tanker in Less than 3:20
Standard Objectives:
- Disable Jaws' Tanker
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Jump over the closed gate near the start without having to open or blast it.
2 Destroy the Bayou Shack with the four enemies on it by using the Motorcycle Rockets.
3 Jump over the pieces of unassembled bridge at the Construction Site between the two bridges.
4 Do a Motorcycle Slide underneath the trailer of the Fuel Tanker.

By far, one of the best levels in the game, the Bridge serves pretty much the basis of the entire level. You will need to take extreme caution when traveling down the bridge at over 200km/h to dodge all the traffic driving in front of you that are doing speeds less than a quarter of what your riding at. If you want to take the level a step further or just want to avoid most of the enemies throughout the bridge, you can always risk going to the second bridge on the left side with the oncoming traffic, but obviously, makes things a lot more trickier and suicidal.

You begin the level next to the building you have destroyed in the previous mission. You automatically start on the Triumph Daytona Motorcycle and you are required to chase after Jaw's Tanker, which is heading straight towards the city several miles away. If you are quick enough and avoid from crashing into the traffic or what not, you can make it to the Tanker in a matter of minutes.

Once you get moving, go around the first corner, leading you to a small lake area to the right. Merge into the lake so you are riding through the water and ride up the slope at the far end of the lake at a fast speed to jump over the closed gates, earning you the first bond moment in the level. View Screenshot Go to the left path at the first Y Junction and make sure your rockets have been selected as the weapon. Continue to follow the path and shoot a few rockets towards the Bayou Shack with the four enemies standing at the front to earn the second bond moment. View Screenshot Follow the road, going into the tunnel, moving the bike side to side as the tunnel has numerous curves until you exit the other end. Ride up the last part of the dirt track and then you will end up at the main highway leading towards the Pontchartrain Bridge. View Screenshot Try to get as much speed as possible and ride down the first straight, dodging any traffic ahead and jump over the car that has been flipped upside down near the bridge checkpoint. View Screenshot This will send you flying through the electronic sign to the other side of the checkpoint. Once you land, continue to ride straight and change the weapon to the flamethrower. In a matter of seconds, you will encounter the first two hostile motorcycles. These do not cause too much hassle as you can do either one of two things. The first is to ride beside them, using the flamethrower to burn off the wheels therefore destroying the motorcycles, or you can simply just speed off ahead of them if you can manage to go at fast speeds without crashing into anything. View Screenshot

After you have encountered the first two motorcycles, ride the motorcycle as fast as you can and dodge any traffic. In a matter of no time, you will encounter the next two motorcycles. Repeat the same process to either eliminate or avoid the motorcycles and just keep on riding straight. Later on, after passing a few sections of the bridge, there is a construction site in-between the two bridges with the big cranes supporting pieces of the bridge that have not been assembled yet. While you are riding down the road, merge to the left lane and make sure the motorcycle is going fast. When you reach the construction site, ride up the first ramp so you go flying up the air. View Screenshot There are another two bits of bridge up on the air ahead, and if you are going fast enough, you can actually skip landing on the one at the middle and land at the last piece to fly towards the opposite side of the bridge. If you land successfully at the other side of the bridge, you will earn the third bond moment. Just make sure you are not going too slow as you will more than likely fall into the water, causing you to fail the mission.

Now that you are driving at the wrong side of the road, stick to the left and right sides of the road until you reach the next turnoff that leads to the other side. View Screenshot You must keep an eye at the incoming traffic as they can surprisingly swerve at you, causing you to lose control and maybe crash. When you reach the turnoff, go to the opposite side again so you are flowing with the traffic. View Screenshot Maintain a fast speed while moving to the other side.

When you start riding at the normal side again, two cars with rocket soldiers mounted at the top of the car will start attacking you. If you are riding fast enough, you can easily pass the cars and use the flamethrower to burn their tyres. View Screenshot The best way of doing it is riding in-between the two cars when they are close to each other to destroy both cars at once. Even if you don't destroy both vehicles, you would be riding fast enough to easily speed away from them. For another few sections now, just continue riding the motorcycle straight while going as fast as possible to catch up to the Tanker. View Screenshot Most of the time, in this section of the level, there is not as much traffic as before, so you do not need to be too alert about it. When you have passed a few sections and have spent some time riding on the bridge, you will start to catch up towards Jaws, only to find out that he has caused another obstacle in front of you. The fuel tanker that loses control takes up both lanes, so you can either do three things. The first is to simply ride up towards the fuel tanker and swerve around the left side of the trailer to get to the other side. Secondly, you can go fast enough to jump up the flipped car to the right lane of the bridge, but the best way of passing the fuel tanker is to use the slide action with the motorcycle to slip underneath the gap below the trailer. View Screenshot

If you are doing the last method, start to slide the motorcycle just before the turnoff to the left begins, so therefore, Bond will have time to completely reach the floor with the motorcycle before it passes underneath the trailer. View Screenshot If you slide the motorcycle successfully, which really is not too hard, it will show you an in-game cutscene of it occurring and after regaining control of the motorcycle at the other side of the trailer, you will earn the last bond moment in the level.

Now that you are back into action, the Tanker is dead ahead. Switch the weapon back to the rockets so you can shoot the whole disposal of them towards the two armoured Volotech trucks to destroy them. View Screenshot Do not bother using the flamethrower on the VoloTech truck tyres as it takes a lot longer to destroy them this way. After destroying or avoiding the first two trucks, switch the weapon to flamethrower and ride towards the side of Jaws' Tanker. View Screenshot Slowly burn off the two back tyres at each side of the Trucks Trailer to decrease the amount of armour the Truck has. You may need to repeat this about two times for each side before the Truck loses control. When Q tells you there is about three miles left before the Tanker reaches the city, Jaws makes a quick left turn at the next turnoff to the opposite side making things more challenging. If you are still trying to defeat Jaws at this side of the bridge, you will always have to constantly watch out for incoming traffic heading right towards you to avoid any possible crashes. View Screenshot Not only does crashing lose a lot of your health, but you cannot afford to drop too far behind the Truck when it gets closer to the city. As long as you have easy access to both sides of the truck, take a little time and burn off the back wheels to make the truck lose control, therefore completing the mission.

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