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MISSION 1 - GROUND ZERO  [ Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
75.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Take 500 Damage or Less
Standard Objectives:
- Retrieve the Nuclear Device
- Obtain a Rocket Launcher
- Destroy the Hover Jet
- Escape through the Wall
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- MP5K Sub-Machine Gun
- SIG 552 Commando
- SPAS-12 Shotgun
- AT-420 Rocket Launcher
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
Bond Moments:
1 Use the Rappel to get onto the Second Story Balcony.
2 Near the Defence Turret at the end, shoot the Rappelling enemy from the Blue Roof before he reaches the ground.

You find yourself surrounded by enemy troops ahead of you. You will need to make use of the wall hug technique to kill off some of the hostiles. View Screenshot Once the hind helicopter and hover jet takes off from the ground, you are shown where the nuclear device suitcase is located. The hover jet fires a few missiles towards the enclosed area you are stuck in, which creates an opening. Make your way out of there and head towards the middle of the open area.

Kill off several enemies around the area and move towards the suitcase. You will need to kill a few more enemies moving closely around the suitcase, so once they are eliminated, pick up the suitcase. View Screenshot Suddenly, a rocket trooper makes it's way towards the small balcony above, posing as a great threat. Move behind the two stacked crates nearby and use the wall hug technique on the crates to target and eliminate the rocket trooper. Kill him quick as he can blast you away relatively fast. Move towards the orange coloured scroll mounted on the wall, directly underneath the balcony the rocket trooper was just standing on. Use the rappel at the ledge, then moving upwards while grappled to get to the second level, earning you the first bond moment. View Screenshot

Grab the rocket launcher and the ammo mounted on the wall. You'll need this to destroy the hover jet. Once you pick up the rocket launcher, the blast doors around you automatically shut, forcing you to move one way only. Go into the next room, which is a narrow corridor with a few balconies. After the cutscene of the hover jet arriving, move towards the middle balcony and start firing the rockets towards the jet. View Screenshot Strafe around the middle a little bit to avoid direct hits from the missiles the jet occasionally fires. After three or four hits, the hover jet will lose control and therefore flies out of the area.

After disabling the jet, armoured reinforcements arrive at the ground level. Shoot both armoured units with the rocket launcher, from the middle balcony of the second floor, grabbing more ammunition incase you run out. View Screenshot Once both targets are destroyed, make your way back down to the ground level. Use an automatic weapon to kill moving targets around the area.

If you are quick enough, once you make it down to the ground level, look towards the blue roof at the opposite side of the level and one soldier will run off the roof using the rappel to get to the ground safely. View Screenshot Within the few seconds that he is rappelling, you will need to shoot him in order to obtain the second bond moment. View Screenshot If he reaches the ground, there is no way of getting the second Bond moment. Pull out the rocket launcher again and destroy the defence turret at the far corner near the starting area. View Screenshot Two rockets is enough to destroy the unit.

Head towards the opening on the wall the hover jet blew up earlier. View Screenshot Once you reach the breached part of the wall, you have completed the first mission.

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