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MISSION 2 - MI6 TRAINING  [ MI6 Headquarters, Scotland ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
Platinum Objectives:
Standard Objectives:
- Combat: Hand-to-Hand
- Gadget: Rappel
- Combat: Crouching
- Bond Sense: Targeting Objects
- Combat: Wall Cover
- Combat: Sniper Rifle
- Gadget: Q Spider
- Exit Training
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- SIG 552 Commando
- Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Q Spider

In this level, you will get to learn an array of useful techniques that can help you later in the game. Whenever you have finished an objective, there will be blue arrows that flash across the floor which will easily guide you to the next area. Also, unlike the other levels of the game, you cannot receive damage if you are attacked by the virtual hostiles, so you are virtually invincible.

When the level begins, you find yourself elevating into the level. While this is happening, an enemy suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts attacking. Follow the instructions for each of the attacks to pass the hand-to-hand combat test. View Screenshot You must use the right technique as shown for each enemy, or else it will not die. You are required to punch the first enemy, throw the second enemy and counter attack the third enemy. Move to the next area once it is complete.

Use the rappel, as instructed, to scale the high wall straight ahead. View Screenshot Once you reach the top, continue running and go through the small opening that leads into a small room. In here, you can practice the crouch technique to target hostiles. You need to shoot three enemies, but the one hiding behind the middle wall might require some manual aiming. View Screenshot

When that task is complete, move into the next room ahead. You should find yourself inside a similar room to the previous one. This is where you get to utilize the bond sense to target objects of specific interest. View Screenshot You have to use the bond sense each time before
shooting another target. After completion, make the way out into the open room and rappel down the wall to the next area below. Once you reach the bottom, use the wall hug technique and strafe left, targeting and eliminating the enemy nearby. View Screenshot Move forward and eventually you will need to rappel down another big wall. When you reach the next area below, use the wall hug technique and strafe right to kill the first enemy. Move through the maze and use the wall hug technique to kill the two remaining enemies. At the end of the small maze, you need to use the rappel to climb the wall towards the next area.

When you reach the top, move around the corner and stop behind the laser blocking the way ahead. Use the dragunovs zoom function to shoot the red flashing square dead ahead. View Screenshot This will open up a yellow bridge above the red spikes that you can move across. Turn right at the T Junction of the bridge and use the rappel to climb another wall.

Once you are at the top, you have now reached the last phase of the training. This is where you get to use the Q Spider for the first time. Drop the Q Spider onto the floor and move it into the small opening nearby. View Screenshot Move the Q Spider through the long yellow
shafts until you reach one of the two exits on either side. After exiting the shafts, move the Q Spider to the far end of the area, towards the red flashing unit mounted on the wall. View Screenshot Destroying this will disable the lasers blocking the exit.

Now that the lasers are gone, go to the opposite side of the area and open the yellow door. View Screenshot Go inside the small room to end the level.

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