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MISSION 5 - AN OLD FRIEND  [ Armoured Train, Sahara Desert, Egypt ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
125.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Take No Damage
Standard Objectives:
- Find Doctor Nadanova
- Destroy 6 Missile Launch Computers
- Defeat Jaws
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- Desert Eagle .44
- SIG 552 Commando
Gadgets Available:
- Fragmentation Grenade
- Thermovision Goggles
Bond Moments:
1 Maintain Stealth within the First Train Carriage.
2 Maintain Stealth within the Second Train Carriage.
3 Maintain Stealth within the Third Train Carriage.
4 Maintain Stealth within the Fourth Train Carriage.

This is a relatively short and sort of easy mission, as long as you are using stealth most of the time. Also, using stealth techniques in this level makes it more enjoyable - a different approach instead of blasting every enemy - like usual.

You start hidden behind a crate in the first train carriage. All the guards inside the train are not aware of your presence inside the train, so this is your ticket to passing the entire level without alerting guards in most of the other carriages. To get each bond moment in this level, you are required to rely on stealth tactics for pretty much most of the time. This is a great level for homing in on your stealth skills. Also avoid the guards from activating the alarms, which will totally ruin the whole stealth aspect of the level.

There are three enemies inside the first carriage. Two of them have their backs turned towards you and the third guard to the right walks back and fourth. The third guard is the one you need to wait for before making any quick moves. When the level starts, the guard is walking towards your direction talking to the other guards. At the moment the guard turns around to walk back, make your move and sneak up behind the closest guard on the computer. View Screenshot Knock him out with one blow and move quickly to the second guard on the computer - knocking him out while the third guard is still looking the other way. If you have done this quick enough, you can stand up again after knocking out the second guard and quickly run up to the last guard to punch him out a few times. Once everyone is down, pull out the silenced pistol and shoot the missile launch computers around the room. View Screenshot There is more in the other carriages ahead, but its best to get this objective out of the way and destroy the six computers inside the first carriage.

After you are done in the first carriage, move to the door that leads into the second carriage. Crouch before entering through the second door leading into the second carriage. There are a few guards that can easily be knocked out in this area. View Screenshot Move up towards the stationary guard on the right side and wait until the second guard has his back turned towards you. Knock out the first guard nearby and run up to the second guard, while still crouched as he walks around the big weapon in the middle of the carriage. If you are doing this stage on 00 agent, there are actually three guards, so wait until both of them walk off into the area ahead before knocking out the closest guard. Go through the next door, once again, remaining crouched.

When you enter the third carriage, immediately move towards the patrolling guard to the left who is walking back to the middle of the carriage. View Screenshot Knock him out quick as if you do it too late, the second guard inside the same carriage might see the first guards body lying on the ground. Once the second guard is not looking at the other side of the room, run up behind him and knock him out too. View Screenshot Proceed to the next carriage crouched.

As soon as you enter the fourth carriage, immediately follow the guard that walks down the passageway to the left side of the carriage. Be quick once again as there is a second guard at the opposite side. Once you knock out the first guard, sneak up to the second guard working on the computer and knock him out as well. View Screenshot Once again, if this level is being played on 00 agent, there is a third patrolling guard on the right side of the carriage. Move into the next room, arm yourself with an automatic weapon and activate the thermovision goggles.

The fifth carriage is pitch black, the reason you need to wear the thermovision goggles. View Screenshot The guards in this carriage are alert, so find some cover behind the crates and kill the numerous enemies inside before proceeding into the sixth carriage of the train. When you walk up towards the entry of the sixth carriage, a cutscene will start.

You are now stuck with Jaws. It can take a little patience sometimes to kill this boss, but it only takes a few blows to eliminate him. When this part starts, hide behind one of the pillars as Jaws rips out two of the pillars at the opposite side, chucking them towards you. View Screenshot Use the pillars as cover until he rips out two of the pillars.

With the electricity exposed from the ripped out pillars, you will need to make Jaws follow you next to the areas of exposed electricity. When you are close enough, start punching him numerous times, forcing him to move back and into the force of the electricity. View Screenshot You will need to repeat the same process two times on agent and three times on 00 agent before he is finished. Just make sure you don't move too close to him while is moving around as he will give a few nasty surprises and be careful not to touch the electricity as well.

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