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MISSION 26 - DANGEROUS DESCENT  [ Secret Nuclear Command Bunker, Moscow, Russia ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
300.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Receive Less than 100 Damage
Standard Objectives:
- Reactivate the Lift
- Destroy the Brake Controls
- Disable Jaws' Flamethrower
- Enter the Plane's Cockpit
- Find Diavolo
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- Desert Eagle .44
- SIG 552 Commando
- SPAS-12 Shotgun
- AT-420 Rocket Launcher
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Sleeper Dart Gun
- Network Tap Gun
- Fragmentation Grenade
- Strobe Grenade
- ElectroMagnetic Pulse Grenade
- Q Spider
- Nano Suit
- Thermovision Goggles
Bond Moments:
1 Use the Q Spider at the start to kill the guard who opens the Red Vault Door.
2 Use the Q Spider at the start to stop the moving Lasers.
3 Use the Q Spider at the Maintenance Area to kill the three enemies standing behind the crates.

This is a level that is not hard to pass on 00 Agent difficulty. The only main obstacle is the Security Lasers that you will encounter while rappelling down the elevator shaft. The first set of Lasers prove to be the most tricky to avoid, with several beams moving from different directions and speeds. The best way to overcome from getting hit by these Lasers is to stop them from moving using the Q Spider at the start of the level to destroy the Laser Control Unit. There is also a second set of Lasers that appear as you get towards the bottom of the shaft, but these can be easily avoided.

Once the level begins, turn around 180 degrees so you are facing towards the other side of the open area. Deploy a Q Spider and make it move underneath the railing in front of you. View Screenshot Move it over the numerous containers and maneuver it through two metal planks leading towards an open window at the other side. Go through the window into the room and wait until the door slightly opens. When it opens, move the Q Spider through the gap and slowly follow the guard walking towards the console, to the right of the Red Vault Door. Once he has opened it, move the Q Spider next to the guard and detonate it to earn the first Bond Moment. View Screenshot You cannot use the pickups in the Vault during this level, but it will be helpful towards the last mission once you have access to the room. Move down the stairs towards the stacks of wooden crates ahead while you are moving, shoot the two crates with the Rocket Launcher symbol imprinted on them to obtain the Rocket Launcher. View Screenshot One of the crates is located to the left of the stairs, and the other near the stack of crates. Stand near the stack of crates and shoot the wooden crate next to the large red container, nearby the ledge of the elevator shaft. View Screenshot After this, move to the end of the crates and deploy the Q Spider, making it move through the small gap behind the wooden crate to the left. View Screenshot Move the Q Spider around the red container, being careful not to make it fall off the ledge and get it to the other side where you then direct it towards the room at the right corner of the open area. There is a small shaft here that leads into a small room controlling the movement of the first Laser Grid. Detonate the Q Spider next to the flashing unit to stop the Lasers moving and earning you the second Bond Moment. View Screenshot

Now move towards the large elevator shaft and jump off it so you are rappelling against the wall. When you get close to the first grid of Lasers, pull out the Rocket Launcher and destroy the first Defence Turret that deploys at the centre below. View Screenshot You need to fire about three or four rockets to destroy it. Pass the first set of Lasers and continue moving down until two more Defence Turrets are deployed at the sides. View Screenshot You can avoid the rockets they shoot by constantly moving down without stopping, but take care when you try to pass the second Laser Grid that appears soon after. View Screenshot The second grid is easier to pass as there are not many Lasers, but they are moving and there is no way to stop them. Passing the second grid, drop down onto the elevator platform that slowly ascends, eventually coming to a halt at the Maintenance Area. You will need to re-activate the lift again.

Shoot the two crates that have the Rocket Launcher symbols on them and collect the ammunition. You might want to use the Rocket Launcher a bit later, so hold onto it for now. Pull out an alternate weapom and kill the first two enemies that come from the two entries ahead. View Screenshot Once they have been eliminated, go into the entry to the right side which is closest to you. Follow the corridor until you reach the console to the left, next to the window, pressing the action button on it to partially reactivate the lift. View Screenshot You will need to activate one more console. Move straight from the console and go around the first corner, killing the enemy standing ahead. Hide behind the pipes at the other side and deploy the Q Spider, moving it into the small shaft underneath the pipe. View Screenshot Make it walk through the narrow shaft until it reaches the opposite end, in which you can exit through another shaft and make it move towards the three enemies standing behind the crates. Detonate the Q Spider here to earn a Bond Moment. Returning to Bond, move to the far end of the corridor and turn left, killing any remaining enemies. Move closer towards the metal shutter at the end of the area, which opens eventually - revealing more enemies. View Screenshot Kill them and then activate the next console. View Screenshot Once you are done, make your way back towards the lift. While you move down the corridor again, there is a Rocket Soldier further down, so shoot him before you progress. View Screenshot Once you make it on the lift, a cutscene begins.

After the cutscene, avoid the rockets fired from the soldiers ahead and ignore firing your weapons at them. This puts a potential risk of you getting hit by any of the several rockets fired at one time . View Screenshot Aim towards the brakes mounted around each of the metal pillars around the four corners of the lift you are standing on. View Screenshot Once you have shot all four of them, the lift starts to descend.

The last part consists of versing Jaws - who is armed with a deadly Flamethrower. Hide behind the metal crate to the right as he releases the first attack consisting of the flames. View Screenshot Remain crouched behind the crate until he stops firing the flame. At this point, he looks back and his Flamethrower is now vulnerable. Shoot the backpack part of the Flamethrower to damage it - using the SIG 552 for best results. View Screenshot You will be able to take about a third of his health each time you constantly fire at his suit. You can also hurt him while he is firing at you, but this damages him less and you will also have to avoid the gunfire. After getting him the first time, he will start to launch flame rockets towards you. Hiding behind the crates now is useless as the splash damage will hit you often, so move left and right behind the two crates using the side barrel roll technique to damage him during the process. View Screenshot When he turns his back for the second time, repeat the same process until he loses more health. View Screenshot If you take a while to defeat him, he will start to launch triple flame rockets which are a little harder to dodge, but as long as you do the barrel rolls, you should be fine. After shooting at his backpack three 'proper' times, he will start to get distracted by the flames burning him, so quickly make your way towards the Jet at the left corner to finish the level. View Screenshot You have to do this part quick as the lift eventually crashes. Also, you do have a certain limit while versing Jaws. By looking at the big numbers painted on the wall as you continuously descend, you will know how many floors there are left before the lift slams onto the floor.

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