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MISSION 18 - MACHINERY OF EVIL  [ Yayakov's Nano Production Facility, New Orleans, America ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
300.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Fire 10 Rounds or Less
Standard Objectives:
- Destroy all four Processing Chambers
- Destroy the Transformer Cores
- Defeat Yayakov

Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- MP5K Sub-Machine Gun
- SIG 552 Commando
- SPAS-12 Shotgun
- AT-420 Rocket Launcher

Gadgets Available:
- Sleeper Dart Gun
- Fragmentation Grenade
- Strobe Grenade
- Q Spider
- Nano Suit
Bond Moments:
1 Shoot the Red Pipe at the Underground Area below the platform to obtain the Rocket Launcher.
2 Shoot the Steam Pipe at the Underground Area to disorientate the two enemies standing next to it.
3 Use the Q Spider to blast open the half opened door leading into one of the Processing Chambers.

This is the level in which you confront Yayakov - the guy you have been chasing around for the previous several missions. It is a relatively small level, but each time you destroy each of the four Processing Chambers, more enemies will run in from different directions of the area. The four Chambers are located at different sections of the level. This is a level best played fast, so run to each Chamber, destroy each machine and grab the armour inside the majority of the rooms to stay alive. Enemies also spawn around the level in random locations, so if you are using anything like the Q Spider, then make sure the area is clear before using it. If you are using the Q Spider, you will often hear an enemy shout or fire his weapon nearby should he come close to you. Make sure that once you have deactivated each system, you run out of the room as fast as possible because the machine does explode, killing anything inside the room instantly.

You start off in the room from where you last left off in the previous level. Grab the Shotgun to the left of the door and then go through the door into the next area. After the cutscene, move ahead to the central area of the level. View Screenshot Kill the four enemies here and then go down the stairs at the far left corner of the area, going through the door that leads into Chamber One. View Screenshot Move into the room and press the action button on the console to destroy the machine nearby. View Screenshot Once it has been deactivated, leave the room quickly and go down the stairs to the area below the middle platform. Do not worry about any enemies from above as they rarely ever shoot you from there and cannot go down the stairs as the top half of the stairs is now electrified, killing anyone who passes it. View Screenshot Once you go down the stairs, quickly turn left and go behind the large circular object towards the Red Pipes. Use the Bond Sense to target the closest pipe and shoot it. View Screenshot Pick up the Rocket launcher on the ground after destroying the pipe to earn the first Bond Moment. Head back near the stairs again and look straight ahead, shooting two enemies hiding behind the wall and another one or two running in from the left side. View Screenshot Use the wall hug technique against the wall at the middle so you are looking at the two enemies standing next to the steam pipe. View Screenshot Use the Bond Sense to target the pipe and shoot it a few times to make the steam come out of it, disorientating the two enemies and earning yourself the second Bond Moment. Go to the far left side of the area and move across the ramp with the small shaft at the right wall. View Screenshot Before you deploy the Q Spider, check to see if there is an enemy standing at the bottom of the stairs around the corner ahead, to the right. Deploy the Q Spider and move it through the shaft. View Screenshot Follow the shaft until you reach the first open room and go around the two platforms, being careful not to make it fall off the ledge and then make it go inside the mini elevator. View Screenshot Once it reaches the floor above, get out of it and turn left back into the shaft. Continue following the shaft until you reach the room of Chamber Three, earning you the last Bond Moment. Before you exit the Q Spider, move it to the entry doors of the Chamber and detonate it at the small circuit on the wall opposite to the doors. View Screenshot

Returning to Bond, head up the stairs around the corner to the right to get back up to the narrow platform that leads to the central area. Once you reach the central area again, turn left and walk on the platform that leads to Chamber Two. Go down the stairs, through the door into the Chamber and watch out for the electric current coming out of the machine. View Screenshot Wait until it disappears before crossing to the other side to deactivate the next machine. Once it is deactivated, get out of the room and kill the three or four enemies that lurk around the central area. Make the way to the other side of the platform to get to Chamber Three. As you arrive to the entry, it should be already open since you have opened it earlier on with the Q Spider, but if you have not done that, you can shoot the small circuit in-between the two doors. View Screenshot Deactivate the machine, get out of the room and kill the next group of enemies. Back on the platform, make your way to the central area again and turn right, moving towards Chamber Four. Go down the stairs into this Chamber and deactivate the machine, once again releasing more enemies. Get outside the room quickly back onto the middle platform and kill the remaining enemies. After several seconds, you now need to destroy the two Transformer Cores at the middle platform. Pull out the Rocket Launcher you obtained earlier on the level to destroy each transformer with one rocket. View Screenshot Once they are destroyed, Yayakov is crushed and the mission ends.

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