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MISSION 25 - THE PLATINUM WAR  [ Red Square, Moscow, Russia ]
Level Type:
Driver - Armoured - Platinum NanoTank
Gold Award Target:
400.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Neutralize Bomb in Less than 2:15
Standard Objectives:
- Neutralize the Bomb under the Kremlin
- Prevent Tanks from penetrating the Kremlin Wall
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Use the Nano Shells to destroy the Metal Structure above the stationary Platinum Tank near the Shopping Mall.
2 Destroy the Fuel Truck to blast open a gap at the back wall of the Shopping Mall.

This is the only level were you get to use Diavolo's Platinum NanoTank - and it is a rather short level as well. All Platinum NanoTanks are obviously resistant to the Reversed Engineered Nano Technology used to eat away any other metal, so do not bother using the Nano Shells against the enemy tanks. There are numerous groups of tanks scattered throughout the level, but the methods mentioned below will make you avoid a number of them. It is hard to actually dodge the gunfire from the enemy tanks as the Shells travel at a fast speed. Even if you try to speed away from some of the enemy tanks, they will tend to follow you around the outside area, so it is best suggested that you destroy the enemy Tanks as fast as possible as you pass them. The firing rate of your Gun Turret is faster than the enemy tanks, so use that to your advantage. Remember that the Turrets on the Platinum NanoTanks cannot rotate a full 360 degrees, making them vulnerable to attacks from behind unless the tank physically turns around. Try to get to the Kremlin as fast as possible to deactivate the Bomb, taking the quickest route as shown.

When the level has started, follow the road you are traveling on until you reach the dead end with the brick wall. View Screenshot Shoot two shots from the turret to completely blast the wall open and then turn right at the T Junction ahead. Once you have turned, select the Nano Shells as the Tank's weapon. As you are about to go underneath the arch , the Nano Shells will automatically target the metal structure directly above the hostile Platinum Tank ahead. View Screenshot Shoot one Nano Shell to obliterate the metal structure, causing it to collapse on the tank and earning you the first Bond Moment. Select the Plasma Gun as the weapon and then turn into the next road to the left. Move straight here until you reach the fuel truck blocking the road. View Screenshot The Plasma Gun will target the fuel truck as you get close to it, so shoot it to create a back entrance into the Shopping Mall area, earning you the second Bond Moment. Once you have entered the building, move straight through it to the front and smash through the glass. View Screenshot Now that you are at the large outside area of the level, turn left once you have exited the building and destroy the next Platinum Tank ahead that moves at full speed from the left. View Screenshot Continue moving ahead, down the slope until you reach the end of the path, in which you turn right to confront another two Platinum Tanks. View Screenshot Destroy both tanks and drive through the big metal doors that lead inside the Underground Tunnel Section of the Kremlin. View Screenshot If you are usually quick enough, the Bomb is activated sometime between when you have left the Shopping Mall area until you enter inside the Underground Tunnels - but it really depends how fast you were at the start of the level. You have 2 minutes before the Bomb detonates, so that is plenty of time if you use it correctly.

You should have plenty of time before the Bomb detonates by the time you enter inside the tunnel, so there is time to do a little shortcut. Once you have entered the tunnel, continue following it until you reach the T Junction where you have to turn left to get to the far section the Bomb is being held in. Instead of turning left however, come back here a bit later and continue driving straight until you reach the open Underground area where three metal pillars are in place. Change the weapon back to the Nano Shells and target each of the three pillars to destroy them. View Screenshot Once you have done this, head back the way you came from and turn into the tunnel that leads towards the back area where the Bomb is located. By destroying the pillars at this stage of the level, you will affect the next objective by not having to go there to do it at the proper time, where you will have to actually battle against two more tanks inside the room with the pillars - so therefore this is a useful method to conserve the Tank's armour.

Go into the area the Bomb is being held in and destroy the Platinum Tank to the far left of the room. Once it is destroyed, use the Nano Shells to disable the Bomb being held by the metal supports. View Screenshot Now that the Bomb is disabled, Diavolo's Platinum NanoTanks are trying to take down the Kremlin Wall in preparation to dominate the area. You have 2 minutes once again to get to the surface to stop the tanks somehow. Once you are done with the Bomb, make your way out of the room by exiting through the tunnel you entered the room in previously and turn right at the T Junction further ahead, making your way out of the Underground Tunnel. View Screenshot Exit the tunnel and rotate the Turret so it is facing to the direct right, where another Platinum Tank awaits. Destroy it and turn right after exiting the tunnel. Turn right again at the corner and go up the slight slope leading towards the open outside area. Destroy one more Platinum Tank waiting at the top of the slope and then change the weapon to the Nano Shells once again. View Screenshot When you are near the top of the slope, a cutscene shows a Cargo Helicopter flying above the large area ahead. Remember the Pillars you destroyed earlier - destroying these will weaken the whole section the Tanks are on top of, so target the Helicopter and fire a Nano Shell to make the Helicopter lose control and crash into the weak area, causing everything to pretty much collapse. View Screenshot Once this has been done, the mission is complete.

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