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MISSION 11 - A SHOW OF FORCE  [ Puerto Viejo, Peru ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Rail Shooter - Armoured - Armoured Tank
Driver - Motorcycle - Triumph Daytona 600
Gold Award Target:
200.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Catch the plane in less than 0:45
Standard Objectives:
- Get Serena safely to 003's Hideout
- Drive into the Q Plane
- Get to the Extraction Point
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Shoot the Front Gate at the start.
2 Shoot the Explosive Red Barrels when you take the shortcut.
3 Shoot the circle object on top of the Fuel Station to create a huge explosion.
4 Take the shortcut to the Airfield.
5 Jump up the Ramp at the last part of the level.

As soon as the level starts, destroy both the buggy and the front gate to earn the first bond moment. View Screenshot While Serena is getting the hang of controlling the tank, destroy the second buggy just before you take the shortcut through the small bush. Once the tank is back on the road from the shortcut, destroy the helicopter flying ahead of you. View Screenshot When you get to the end of the road, there the big pieces of stone are blocking the normal route, you take another shortcut up the stairs. There are a combination of several soldiers and rocket troopers, but you can easily kill all of them from a distance with the machine gun. View Screenshot

When you reach the top of the stairs, destroy the two buggies blocking the way before the tank moves towards another shortcut at the stairs. When the tank gets to the next area, it will turn right showing two rocket troopers firing at you with some explosive barrels near them. Use the manual aim of the machine gun to destroy the barrels, killing the enemies and therefore earning yourself the second bond moment. View Screenshot Wait a little while until the tank gets over the next bunch of stairs and makes it to the start of the spiral part of the road. As soon as you get here, there is another buggy to destroy ahead and then quick rotate the machine gun, in which one more buggy races up towards you. Once its destroyed, there maybe a few soldiers standing around the sides of the road, but don't worry about killing them unless you want to. While you are waiting for the next enemy, switch the weapon to the tank turret to prepare yourself for the next situation. When you get to the end of the spiral road, a cutscene will show that there is another tank at the opposite side of the roundabout. If you manage to destroy the tank quick enough, you will not do a full rotation around the roundabout, leading you to the next area a lot quicker, but if you keep missing, try to hit the tank as quick as possible while you go around the roundabout. View Screenshot While you are chasing the tank around, there is one buggy that comes behind you if you go around the
entire roundabout, so make sure you destroy the little annoying thing. Once the tank is destroyed, the tank will move to the next part. Make sure you have the tank turret still selected.

The next area consists of an arch going over the road, with some rocket troopers standing on it. One well aimed shot from the tank turret will destroy the arch and will let you proceed further into the level. View Screenshot While you take the quick shortcuts over the next area of spiraling roads, there is a helicopter ahead that you can destroy, but is not necessary. When you make it to the second village area, destroy the next buggy and Serena will then turn the tank right and if you wait a little longer, there is another tank that you can destroy on the next road to the right. View Screenshot While the tank makes its round through the park at the middle, do not bother killing any of the soldiers standing around as they don't cause too much damage to the tank. Once the tank leaves the village area, there are no more enemies in the area until you reach the fuel station at the end of the first part. View Screenshot When you reach the fuel station, there are two tanks - one on each side, and a helicopter flying above the building. View Screenshot There is an extremely fast way out of this. Take aim of the circle object on top of the fuel pumps. View Screenshot If you shoot this circle thing, it will cause the whole area to explode, earning you the third bond moment.

Now that Serena is safe inside 003's hideout, you will need to get on the bike quickly and get out of the entire area while the plane prepares to depart because the enemy has detected it's presence. Get on the bike and make your way out of the hideout area, and turn right on the dirt road after going off the metal ramp. View Screenshot Make your way towards the Airfield. As you exit this road, a buggy comes from the left, so quickly use the rockets to destroy it before it slows you down. When you start riding on the main road, two enemy motorcycles ride in front of you. You can destroy these if you wish, but concentrate more at turning into the shortcut, which saves you a lot of time and earns you a bond moment. View Screenshot The start of the shortcut is merged at the right side of the wall, so keep a close eye for it.

After passing the entire shortcut, go around the few remaining corners and then ride over the truck with the ramp on the back to the right side of the airfield entry. View Screenshot By doing this, you avoid possibly crashing into the blockade at the left side of the entry and it also gives you the last bond moment. When you get onto the actual airfield, turn left and floor it. View Screenshot The quicker you get into the plane, the better. Avoid any enemies that try to shoot at you, while at the same time any motorcycles that push you off from the middle, making it harder to get into the plane.

If you manage to get close enough, the ramp at the back will open and then just ride into it to finish this action packed part of the level. View Screenshot

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