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MISSION 4 - TRAIN CHASE  [ Weapons Research Facility Exterior, Sahara Desert, Egypt ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Driver - Car - Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Driver - Motorcycle - Chimera
Gold Award Target:
150.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Board the Train in Less than 2:15
Standard Objectives:
- Find Doctor Nadanova
- Catch up to the Train
- Get underneath the Train
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Via the Alternate Route. Shoot a Missile at the Helicopter while driving off the edge.
2 Go over the ramp at the Temple Area at a fast speed.
3 The end part of the level. Drive over the First Ramp as fast as possible to skip the Second Ramp ahead and therefore land on the Railroad Tracks.

In this mission, you are required to chase the train that Doctor Nadanova has been put in. During the starting cutscene, you should be able to see the cloaked Porsche Cayenne nearby. When the level starts, move straight until you reach the two platforms going left and right. If you wish to use the Porsche Cayenne, turn to the left platform. If you want to use the Chimera Motorcycle, turn to the right platform.

If you go to the left platform, Bond stops and deactivates the cloaking device. View Screenshot Move to the left side of the car to enter it. Making things considerably tough on 00 Agent is that the hostile vehicles that you encounter throughout the level have countermeasure flares, which stops about half of the missiles you try to fire at the vehicle.

When the car starts, floor it straight away and move forward. You do not want to waste time in this mission, or else the train will easily get away. A little further ahead, destroy the first glass door blocking the road and then shoot the second metal door that shuts right in front of you shortly after. View Screenshot Follow the road and jump over the bridge that gets destroyed by the wave of water - just make sure you are driving fast. View Screenshot Still following the road, you encounter the first hostile vehicle a few corners away, so use the missiles to destroy it, but if the flares keep popping up, use the machine gun at close range. This is probably the best weapon to use for the time being. Switch to the missiles and destroy the two car roadblock at the tunnel entry. View Screenshot Drive through the tunnel and merge to the left side of the road as you get to the exit of the tunnel. This will make it easier to take the alternate route. View Screenshot As previously mentioned, drive fast over the first bridge of the alternate road or else the car will not make it to the other side and you will fail.

Once the car has passed the bridge, there is a small jump ahead the makes you land at a small enemy base. Keep driving straight, following the dirt path. View Screenshot You will intercept with two hostile motorbikes that are easy to destroy. Keep following the path, with missiles as the selected weapon and head towards the end of the alternate road. As you reach the last quarter of the road, a helicopter will pop up from below. View Screenshot Shoot a missile at it while you move as fast as possible and go over the edge of the cliff. If you do it right and the helicopter explodes as you fall, you will earn the first bond moment.

Now that you have landed on solid ground again, proceed dead ahead into the temple area. When you enter this area, it is constantly bombarded by the trains missiles destroying a few sections of the temple. When you reach the second part of the temple area, a missile will hit a few pillars blocking the way of a ramp. View Screenshot When it is clear, go over the ramp to obtain the second bond moment.

When the car is clear of the temple area, you need to destroy one more buggy and then dodge the trains missiles while you travel across the plain terrain. Merge to the right side of the area and keep driving straight until you reach the ramps that lead to the train tracks. View Screenshot Use the ramp to end up right near the train tracks. If you manage to go fast enough over the first ramp, you do not need to go on the second ramp, hence earning you a bond move.

While you are following the train, swerve side to side to avoid as much gunfire as possible. Use the missiles to destroy the gun emplacements mounted on the back of the train. Once they are destroyed, try to hug the back of the train so nothing can go wrong. View Screenshot The last part of the level is a long straight, so stay behind the train and eventually, the middle part in-between the two tracks will lower, making it a perfect time to go underneath the train to end the mission.

Alternatively, you can also use the chimera motorcycle in the level. View Screenshot It doesn't really change the level in anyway except for the route you take from the starting part and you can pass the level a lot faster, which is good for the platinum challenge. As soon as you get on the motorcycle, move straight, jumping over the ramp and landing on top of the building at the other side. When you land, you will smash through some metal bars, landing inside the structure. View Screenshot Continue following the pathway, smashing through the two sets of glass to get outside, onto a dirt track. View Screenshot Follow this path until you reach the train tracks. The train is not too far ahead, but is still impossible to catch up to it at this part of the stage. View Screenshot For now, keep following the tracks until the train destroys the bridge, making you fall to a dirt path below. When you land on the dirt path, a helicopter immediately pulls up from behind you and starts shooting at you for several seconds before flying further ahead. Keep following the dirt path until you meet up with the helicopter again. Try to destroy the helicopter while you go off the ramp, but it is not necessary. View Screenshot Once you land at the other side, you end up at the enemy outpost. From here, you can either take the alternate route - which is the dirt path to the left, or the normal road which starts to the right. From here, proceed through the level as mentioned above.

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