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MISSION 6 - SAND STORM  [ Sahara Desert, Egypt ]
Level Type:
Pilot - Airbourne - Helicopter
Gold Award Target:
160.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Destroy the Base in Less than 0:45
Standard Objectives:
- Catch up to the General's Helicopter
- Eliminate the General
- Destroy the General's Base
Weapons Available:
Gadgets Available:
Bond Moments:
1 Near the waterfall. Destroy the wooden bridge the vehicles are on by using missiles.
2 Destroy the three armoured boats remaining stationary on the river.
3 Avoid being hit by the flames while chasing after the general's helicopter.
This is the only level in the game which you get to pilot the helicopter. Throughout the level, you will be encountering numerous types of hostiles including sea, air and land units. Since the majority of these hostiles have some sort of missile weaponry, it is best to constantly use the countermeasure flare to protect your helicopter from most direct hits. The main problem about the flares when playing the level in 00 agent is that you will notice the constant shortages of flares when you really need to use them, so use flares sparingly.

Once the level starts, follow the canyon until you reach the first armoured boat. View Screenshot You can switch the helicopter weapons to bombs, but a few missiles will do the job just as easily. Once it's destroyed, go as high as you can and continue following the narrow canyon area. Eventually, Q suggests using your flares, so give them a try against the first land unit you encounter, mounted up on the top of the cliff. View Screenshot If there are any enemy helicopters in the vicinity, destroy them with a few missiles as well. Head towards the waterfall and turn left. To the left, is a wooden bridge going from one side to another with a few vehicles on it. View Screenshot One missile will destroy the bridge, earning you a bond moment. Proceed through the canyon.

After a little while of flying, destroying any other enemy units along the way, there is a second armoured boat on the river for you to destroy. View Screenshot Continue through the level, flying past and avoiding the falling stone pillars a helicopter shoots at. You will then end up near another ruin area, with the final armoured boat on the river at the other side. View Screenshot If you have destroyed all three boats in the level, you will earn a bond moment.

Pass under and over the numerous arches around the corner, watching out for the ones that collapse. View Screenshot Pass through the open ruin area and fly through the small hole at the opposite side. View Screenshot After going left, the general will start to flee with his helicopter once again. You will now have to chase after the helicopter to the end of the level.

When you follow the helicopter, do not bother firing any missiles what so ever as it constantly fires flares. Use flares to avoid direct hits from any backfiring missiles from the helicopter ahead or else just dodge them by moving up and down rapidly. Flying through the first two enclosed areas is a breeze. View Screenshot When you reach the third enclosed room, watch out for the flames that blow out of the side walls. View Screenshot If you manage to dodge the flames without getting hit, you will earn the last bond moment when you exit the enclosed area. After that area, you will find yourself flying through the last area, which seems dark to fly through for about several seconds, but as long as you move straight, nothing bad will happen. View Screenshot When the generals helicopter blows the wall at the far end of the room, the light from outside will make it easier to see the enclosed area. Continue to follow the helicopter until it lands on the secret base.

Now that the base is shielded, you will have to destroy the three shield generators surrounding the base. View Screenshot The best and easiest tactic to destroying the base is to remain in one place, with the base in clear view and targeting range of your missiles. Once you have done that, continuously fire the missiles towards the base while ejecting any flares to deter any missiles fired from the base. Keep repeating the process until the three shield generators are destroyed, exposing the base. View Screenshot

Still remaining in the same place, fire an additional several missiles to completely destroy the secret base, therefore ending the mission.

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