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MISSION 3 - A LONG WAY DOWN  [ Weapons Research Facility, Egypt ]
Level Type:
Third Person Perspective Bond
Gold Award Target:
90.000 Points
Platinum Objectives:
Complete Mission in 3:30
Standard Objectives:
- Find Doctor Nadanova
- Drop the Explosive into the Vent
- Rappel off the Building Ledge
- Shut off the Flame Vents
Weapons Available:
- P99 Pistol
- P99 Pistol Silenced
- Desert Eagle .44
- MP5K Sub-Machine Gun
- SIG 552 Commando
- Dragunov Sniper Rifle
- AT-420 Rocket Launcher
Gadgets Available:
- Rappel Gun
- Fragmentation Grenade
- Thermovision Goggles
Bond Moments:
1 After rappelling for the first time, turn left and use the Rappel on the ledge above. Climb up the ledge and obtain the Dragunov Sniper Rifle.
2 After rappelling for the first time, move left into the Small Tunnel and open the Steam Valve to disorientate the enemies.
3 Inside the First Room you enter from the small platform. Push the Table next to the Window to protect yourself from rappelling enemies.
4 Before closing the Shut-Off Valve for the Flames, open the Steam Valve nearby to disorientate the three enemies near the Shut-Off valve.
5 Towards the end of the level. Shoot the weak spots on the Ceiling, inside the room that is partially on fire, when there is an enemy underneath.

Now that complete destruction will be wrecked upon this weapons facility, you have to escape the area and find Doctor Nadanova.

You start off on the side of the first building that is exploding. Move downwards, without stopping until you reach the ground. Once you have reached the first area, you are shown that you need to place the last charge of explosives down a small vent. After the quick cutscene, if you look upwards, to the left and use the bond sense technique, you will see a rappel point that you can go up to earn yourself the first bond moment. View Screenshot If you intend on getting all the bond moments in the level, get this first bond moment second, as when you walk up the wall, the enemies nearby the vent will detect you and will therefore ruin the second bond moment.

Turn left after landing on the ground and go around the back area. Sneak up towards the guard working on the small computer unit and knock him out. Surprisingly, as soon as he goes down, one of the guards will see you, so everyone is alerted. Pull out a weapon and run down towards the small tunnel nearby the computer and activate the steam valve to disorientate the enemies, earning you the second bond moment. View Screenshot Kill all the enemies in the area before placing the charge down the vent. View Screenshot

Now that the charge has been dropped, blowing up another chuck of the facility, run towards the gap on the concrete railing and jump off the ledge. View Screenshot Now that you are against the side of the next part of the building, move downwards until you reach the platform in the middle - directly underneath. When you are about halfway through rappelling this part of the building, a few enemies above start
shooting at you while they are also rappelling downwards. Quickly turn around, so you are facing upwards, target each enemy and kill them. There are about two to four enemies that come down from the top. Once they are gone, turn around so you are facing downwards and continue the descent to the middle platform. View Screenshot When you are on the platform, move ahead - off the ledge, and you will be rappelling the third part of the building. Keep moving downwards until the small platform in the middle explodes. At this point, drop onto the platform, but do not go off it this time. View Screenshot

If you have a weapon pulled out, turn around straight away, target and kill the first enemy right behind you. There is usually one more enemy somewhere else inside the room and you can also obtain a rocket launcher. Once you are done inside, move towards the big window and press the action button to push the table to the left of the window, earning you another bond moment. View Screenshot Hide behind the table to protect yourself from the rappelling enemies that appear in front of the window. Kill them and run off the edge and rappel downwards to the ledge below. Once you reach the first ledge, wait until a few enemies run around the corner and then shoot them quickly. When you are done, rappel to the next small area below. When you make it to the second area, pick up the body armour and rappel down to the third area. While you rappel down this wall, you will notice another steam valve at the bottom that you can activate. View Screenshot Make sure you get to it as soon as you reach the ground. If the enemies are above the steam vents further ahead when you activate them, you will earn another bond moment. View Screenshot

When the enemies around there are killed, go around the small area towards the shut off valve for the flame defences. View Screenshot Once the flames are deactivated, you need to make your way back towards the ledge the flames where at, but before you move, get a weapon ready and wait nearby the shut off valve. Kill any rappelling enemies you see coming from above and the rocket trooper who runs in from the entry of the room that will lead you out of the area.

Once everyone around that area is dead, head into the room the rocket trooper was just in. There are several enemies hiding behind the numerous boxes scattered throughout the small area, but you can use the bond sense to shoot a few weak spots at the ceiling. View Screenshot If the roof collapses on an enemy, you will earn the final bond moment. Once you are done, head out to the room, onto the ledge and run off it, rappelling for the final time. Continue moving downwards until the level ends.

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