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James Bond [ Voice Talent by Pierce Brosnan ]


007 is the World’s greatest Secret Agent, saving the world numerous times. An excellent marksman, exceptional driver, and consummate gentlemen, 007 can be your greatest ally, or your most dangerous foe.


Serena St. Germaine [ Voice Talent by Shannon Elizabeth ]

Serena St. Germaine is a beautiful and intelligent Geologist.  She had been investigating anomalous Platinum levels in a small South American village when she is swept up into 007’s world of danger and intrigue - be it as a skilled Helicopter Pilot, or a beautiful ‘distraction’.

Agent Mya Starling [ Voice Talent by Mya Harrison ]  

An NSA agent operating undercover as a Nightclub Chanteuse, Agent Starling’s homebase is in Louisiana and her mission is to investigate Diavolo’s activities in New Orleans. Her impeccable intel, not to mention her many other talents, are of great use to 007.

M [ Voice Talent by Judi Dench]  

As the head of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, M is responsible for all MI6 Operations and their associated Agents. As Bond’s Boss, she is a consummate taskmaster who often dispenses crucial information and advice.

Q [ Voice Talent by John Cleese ]

The MI6 Quartermaster, Q is in charge of creating and distributing all the weapons, vehicles, and gadgets assigned to 00 Agents. A skilled inventor of Covert equipment, Q is often irritated with 007’s lack of respect for his creations.

Miss Nagai [ Voice Talent by Misaki Ito ]

Miss Nagai assists Q in developing cutting edge technology for the 00 Agents of the MI6 Headquarters. A British citizen raised overseas, she returned to the United Kingdom to research Nano-Technology at Oxford University. Recruited by MI6 for her expertise in that field, her exotic looks also prove to be quite a distraction for 007.

Nikolai Diavolo [ Voice Talent by Willem Dafoe ]

Diavolo is more than merely a former KGB officer disillusioned by the Westernization of his homeland. The prodigy of 007’s nemesis Max Zorin, Diavolo was groomed to carry Zorin’s plans to their natural conclusion, namely world domination.

Doctor Katya Nadanova [ Voice Talent by Heidi Klum ]

A brilliant scientist and a deadly assassin, Nadanova has exceptional credentials for her role as Diavolo’s right-hand woman. It is through Nadanova that Diavolo intends to acquire the Nano-Technology. Her abilities at seduction and deception make her a worthy foe for 007.

Jaws [ Voice Talent by Richard Kiel ]

The long standing rivalry continues between Bond, and his nemesis, Jaws. A formidable hitman, Jaws’ loyalties lie with whoever offers the most cash and an opportunity to finally defeat his nemesis.
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