Virus Warning?

NOTE (06.07.2020): If your trainers are suddenly being blocked after updating to Windows 10 Feature Pack 2004, please see this video on how to fix it:
Did you receive a VIRUS, TROJAN or SPYWARE warning from one of the files you downloaded from our site? Please be aware that we scan all of the files we upload with multiple antivirus and spyware applications before posting them on the website. Some files, such as trainers, can often set off a scanner's heuristic warnings which may result in them being labeled a "GENERIC" or "SUSPICIOUS" trojan or virus. This is simply because of the way trainers work. They modify another program while it's running and also listen for keys to be pressed on the computer so the options can activate. This is exactly what a real trojan might do.

If you're ever in doubt, scan the file here:

This will scan the file with multiple antivirus scanners and report the findings immediately. If a file is truly infected, it should set off at least 80% of them. If the only thing that shows as positive is GENERIC, SUSPICIOUS or PACKER then the file is typically clean.

If after scanning, you believe the file is truly infected, you can email to let us know and we'll have a closer look at it. If the file is found to be infected by our scanners then the file will be promptly removed from the website.

Specific Virus Warnings

This file is a part of the TRAINER MAKER KIT, an older, but popular program used to create trainers. This file has been around for many, many years and somewhere along the way it got labeled as a trojan keylogger. THIS IS A FALSE READING. Many popular antivirus applications have removed this false positive from their signatures, but some still carry it. This file IS NOT A TROJAN KEYLOGGER and is completely safe. It simply listens for keys to be pressed inside the game so it can activate the options from the trainer.

Trojan:WIn32/Fuery.A!cl, Trojan.Buzus, DLOADER.Trojan and Trojan.Win32.Swisyn.acwe
These are common false positives given to trainers, many of which were produced by There is nothing malicious in this code and it is perfectly safe for you to use.

Wondering if Cheat Happens and our downloads are safe? Don't take our word for it. Please feel free to review the following websites and our reputation that is updated on a regular basis.
The following are popular security applications which may block your trainers from downloading, extracting, running and working properly. If your security product is listed, please click on the logo for detailed information on how you can report a trainer as a false positive and/or temporarily disable protection and add a trainer to your exclusion or whitelist.
If your security product is not listed here, please consult your documentation or the website from where you obtained the software for information on how to submit false positives and exclude trainers from being blocked. If you have a moment, you can help us out by providing this information on your security product so that we may update our database.