Trainer Battle

(JUNE-JULY 2024)

1. Join a Team (PURPLE or ORANGE)
During the first 10 days, players may choose their own team. After 10 days, players will be automatically assigned a team in order to keep the game in balance.
2. Earn Trainer Battle Points
TB points may be earned by being a current (or new) subscriber to TIER 7 (+50 points), being a FREE (+5 points) or PAID (+15 points) subscriber to our LOOT HAPPENS newsletter, referring new PAID subscribers to Cheat Happens (see details) and by simply using trainers via Aurora (+1 point per unique trainer used). 
3. Strategize on Discord
Exclusive team channels have been added to Discord where members may request access in order to discuss strategy and more. Join our Discord channel.
4. Spend Points on Funded Trainers
From our TRAINER REQUESTS page, trainer battle points may be spent on trainers that are 100% FUNDED, but not yet created. Spend any amount of unused points on any title that meets the criteria.
5. Score for Your Team as Trainers are Used
Once 100% funded trainers are created, each time someone uses that trainer (once per title per user), the number of battle points that were assigned to that trainer will generate 1 score for each team that assigned points to it. ONLY COUNTS FOR TRAINERS CREATED AND USED DURING THE BATTLE PERIOD AND ONLY THOSE MEMBERS ON A TEAM CAN TRIGGER THE SCORE. Note that you only score for YOUR team when using trainers.
6. The Team with the Highest Score on AUGUST 1, 2024 Wins
1. +100K Reward Credits for Everyone on Winning Team
2. +10 Prize Wheel Spins for Everyone on Winning Team
3. +1 Entry in Exclusive Giveaway for Everyone on Winning Team
4. +1 Exclusive Avatar Rank Image/Badge for Everyone on Winning Team
5. Top 10 Battle Point Earners for WINNING TEAM to Receive +50 Entries into Exclusive Giveaway + $50 PayPal Cash
6. Top 10 Battle Point Earners for LOSING TEAM to Receive $20 PayPal Cash
(JUNE 15, 2024)
A random team will imprison a random number of members from the opposing team. Prisoners will then become a member of the new team including all of their battle points and any score accumulated. Prisoners will have the option of donating 1/2 of their unspent battle points to the new team to escape back to their original team or they can choose to stay on the new team and gain +10 additional battle points. Those on the TOP 10 LEADERBOARD will be exempt from the event. Note that if a prisoner has less than 2 unspent TB points, they will have no choice but to stay on the new team.
Cheat Happens Trainer Battle
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