Trainer Queue

The following is our current trainer worklist consisting of both games requiring a NEW TRAINER and those requiring an UPDATED trainer. The priority in which our programming team works on these items depends on a number of internal factors and now we are allowing those users with a Lifetime PLUS membership to BOOST the priority of any new trainer or update using Reward Credits. Please note that games which are gifted to us from the REQUESTS section are automatically boosted.

There is a maximum number of titles which may be boosted at any one time. Boosting a title simply changes the priority of the worklist and not whether or not a title gets examined. All titles on this list WILL be evaluated within a certain timeframe. If a new trainer or update cannot be made or is not necessary, any credits used to boost that title will be refunded back to the user. Gifted games cannot be refunded or returned.

Boosted/Gifted Titles

The following game(s) have already been boosted or gifted and are currently at the top of our worklist. Some of the games listed here may not yet be released but will be set at the highest priority once available for purchase/download.

This game has been Boosted  Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Upgrade to Lifetime PLUS
Lifetime PLUS membership is required in order to boost the priority of a new trainer or update.
Eligible for Boost

The following titles are in our queue and may be boosted as long as the limit has not been reached on the max amount of boosted titles at one time. THIS LIST IS NOT IN PRIORITY ORDER, IT IS SHOWN ALPHABETICALLY.

100 Percent Orange Juice
Call of Cthulhu
* a maximum of 5 trainer updates may be boosted at any one time.
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