About Us
Cheat Happens was launched on January 1, 2001 as a website offering the latest cheats, hints and files for PC and consoles. After 15 years, Cheat Happens is now one of the most popular cheat websites on the Internet, hosting over 5 MILLION page views each month. We have over 2.5 MILLION registered users which download over 50,000 files per day. Our dedicated trainer team currently produces over 2,000 exclusive PC trainers per year. More information on our team can be found below.

Peter Ekström SWEDEN
Lead Web Programmer, Lead Web Designer

After starting a small hobby cheat website back in 1997, he was then offered a spot as editor at The Adrenaline Vault and asked to incorporate his website into the existing cheats and hints section. After 4 years at AVault, CHEAT HAPPENS was developed from the ground floor and launched together with co-editor, Chris O'Rorke.

Chris O'Rorke U.S.A.
Business Operations Manager, Assistant Web Designer
Content Editor: PC Cheats & Hints; Game Wallpapers

Starting out with a small website known as GAME NOT OVER in 1997, Chris was also asked to join The Adrenaline Vault. GAME NOT OVER became the cheats and hints section of AVault and quickly grew to one of the largest cheat databases on the Internet, with the help of co-editor Peter Ekstrom. In December 2001, Chris and Peter joined forces to launch CHEAT HAPPENS.com and further their vision of bringing cheats to the masses.

H. Michael Yurgalavage U.S.A.
Lead Trainer Programmer

Mike started out writing tutorials so that others could learn how to make their own trainers and game hacks. He then went on to release several trainers for popular PC titles. His hard work and consistent eye for detail quickly caught the attention of Cheat Happens. In early 2007, Mike joined the team and has since been creating quality, custom-made trainers for the majority of PC game releases. Mike constantly strives to bring new features to his trainers, recently including the ability to customize hotkeys while also implementing a new tracking scheme to protect the trainers from being misused.

Markus Schulz GERMANY
Lead Editor Programmer, Assistant Trainer Programmer

Markus started with reverse engineering in 2005-2006. He moved on to game trainers at the end of 2006 which were never released to public as they were for learning purposes only. He switched to creating editors in 2009-2010 after noticing that people really like having as many options as possible in their game cheats. Markus released custom made trainers and editors for several months via CheatScapes.com and was asked to join the Cheat Happens team in October of 2012. Complementing the trainers already being produced by the CH team, Premium members now have more options than ever before with the addition of custom made game editors by Markus, aka 0x90.