Cheats and Files

Cheat Happens does not provide any guarantees that files downloaded from our site will work with your particular version of a game. There are usually many different variations of the same game released worldwide, each of which could have varying pieces of code. Most downloads, especially trainers and editors, are usually written to support only a single variation of any given title. None of the cheats that we post on our website are designed or intended to work in a multiplayer environment. We do our best to provide information about specific versions and nationalities the download does support. Sometimes this information is not provided by the author of the software.

Cheat Happens is not responsible if your game files are modified or overwritten after executing a trainer or editor downloaded from our site. We can, however, guarantee that each file made available to our visitors is thoroughly screened for viruses and malicious content before uploaded. We ALWAYS strongly suggest making a backup of your crucial game files before running any piece of software that was designed to modify the game's files or content. This also goes for files that have been pre-modified and are intended to overwrite your existing configuration or savegame files. Be safe - ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP.

All downloads at Cheat Happens are provided "AS IS". Download and use them at your own risk.

If you ever experience problems after executing a file downloaded from our site, please let us know so that we can investigate it further. We will address the problem immediately and if the file(s) in question are found to have malicious side effects, they will be removed from the site immediately and the author of the program will be banned from posting any more files at our site.

Cheats are just what the name implies, CHEATS. Any program that is designed to run outside of the game's original software code and modify the game in a way not intended by the game's programmers could always have unpredictable side effects on the game and possibly the operating system. Be smart - if you are ever unsure about executing a trainer or editor, don't.

None of the cheats on our site are designed or intended to be used in online or multiplayer games.


Cheat Happens is no way affiliated with any of the game or film publishers for which artwork is depicted in the wallpapers made available on this site. Cheat Happens does not own the copyright on any of the characters or images depicted in the wallpapers made available on this site.

Cheat Happens does not charge or profit from the wallpapers made available on this site.

If you feel that a copyright has been violated by the posting of any image on our website, please fill out a DMCA takedown request so that we can investigate the claim and remove the image if necessary. All requests are taken seriously and action will be taken within 72 hours to fully comply with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

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