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Cheat Happens Rewards

Cheat Happens Rewards

Cheat Happens Online Store
Brand new to Cheat Happens is the Online Store where users can purchase everything from a LIFETIME OF LIFETIME PLUS to extra Reward Credits (RC), New Avatars, CH Branded Merchandise and much more! Visit today!


Reward Credits
Reward Credits (RC) are the digital currency used here at Cheat Happens that can be spent on a variety of different things around the site. On the 1st of each month, all active premium members (including monthly, yearly, lifetime and lifetime plus) receive a set amount of Reward Credits (RC) based on their membership level. Reward Credits are also given out randomly throughout the year to Lifetime PLUS subscribers. Reward Credits are distributed monthly by membership type.
Reward Credits
+500 RC/month
+1000 RC/month
+2500 RC/month
+7500 RC/month
Trainer Request System
Our request system is used to determine which games receive new trainers. Each game will have a reward credit goal assigned based on the number of unspent credits in the system, game popularity, difficulty in training and history of updates from the game developer. Premium members may assign any number of their available Reward Credits (RC) to any game or use them to request games not yet on the list. Once the game reaches the requirement, it will be evaluated and a trainer created if possible. If a trainer is not possible, the request will be denied and all credits refunded.

Use Reward Credits to Request New Trainers

See the Credit Goal and Amount Needed

Spend Any Number of Credits Towards a Request
Trainer Option Request System
Similar to our new trainer request system, this is used to request additional options be added to existing trainers. A Lifetime PLUS membership, plus 1000 Reward Credits (RC) are required in order to submit a NEW option request which will then be reviewed by a site admin. Once approved, it will be given a credit goal and then ANY member with unspent Reward Credits may vote and help fund any of the requested options. Once the goal is met it will be evaluated by our trainer programmers and then added to the next trainer update or rejected and all credits refunded if the option is not possible. In order to prevent the trainer programmers being overloaded with option requests by a single user, each option will require partial funding by 5 different users (not counting the user that originally submitted the request). Each vote will also require a specific amount of credits, split evenly among the overall RC goal of that option.

The Option Request System is Located on Each Game's Index Page

Add a New Option Request or Vote using RC on Existing Options
Boost Trainer Priority
Lifetime PLUS subscribers may use their Reward Credits to boost the priority of any new trainer or update that is currently on our worklist. There are limitations on the number of titles that can be boosted at one time.

See Our Worklist and Which Games Can be Boosted

Use Reward Credits to Boost the Priority of a Trainer

Cheat Happens Prize Wheel

Spin the Wheel

At the Cheat Happens Prize Wheel users that have earned spins may spin the wheel and win one of nine possible prizes. Wheel spins are typically earned by being a Lifetime PLUS member but may be given out to any user as a result of a contest or other event held at the site. Wheel spins may not traded. Once a wheel spin is used, the prize chosen is final and only the Free Game and Cheat Happens T-Shirt may be traded for Reward Credits immediately after the spin. Non RC-based prizes may be deferred and claimed at a later date through the User Settings menu. As of right now, prizes have no expiration date but this could change in the future.

Cheat Happens Reward Credits (RC) Store

Welcome to the Cheat Happens RC Store where users can spend Reward Credits (RC) on both in-site and real-world items. Reward Credits are earned monthly by all of our membership levels and may also be traded and purchased. Our Lifetime PLUS members earn the most credits each month and are also given random free credit packages throughout the year ranging up to 100K free RC. Reward Credits may also be won as a prize from the CH Prize Wheel.

The prices for items in the store are based on multiple factors including the number of unspent RC held by users (currently over 150 BILLION), the average number of RC held by each user, number of Lifetime PLUS subscribers, etc.

What would you like to purchase today?
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3 Trainer Update Requests
Instant 3 Trainer Update Requests + Boost for Any Title 1
Free Game from Humble Store
Free Game from Humble Store (up to $20) 2
Free Game from Humble Store
Free Game from Humble Store (up to $50) 2
$20 Playstation Store Digital Gift Card
$20 Playstation Store Digital Gift Card
$20 XBox Store Digital Gift Card
$20 XBox Store Digital Gift Card
$20 Nintendo eShop Digital Gift Card
$20 Nintendo eShop Digital Gift Card
$20 Paypal Cash
$20 Paypal Cash
Free CH T-Shirt
Free CH T-Shirt (choose any from here)
Free CH Hoodie
Free CH Hoodie (choose any from here)
One Year Lifetime PLUS
One Year of
1 (Instant 3 Trainer Update Requests) - This will allow you to instantly put any active (not on hold or retired) trainer in our update queue as well as have it marked as boosted without it needing to meet the 3 request goal. Note that if we find that the trainer still works and an update was not required, you will receive a refund minus a 5,000 point penalty for us taking the time to re-download and re-test the trainer unnecessarily. This is for ONE TITLE ONLY.
2 (Free Games) - Game must be rated T for Teen or below by ESRB or 16 and under by PEGI. No games rated Mature, 18+ or Adult Only will be gifted.