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First things first. This tool is NOT REQUIRED to get Aurora up and running on the Steam Deck. We have a dedicated message board thread, a FAQ and a video tutorial on how to get Aurora going. HOWEVER, this manual process includes many steps that must be done exactly right and many users get tripped up along the way. Enter our Aurora SteamDeck Tool which is a NATIVE Linux/SteamOS app that bridges the gap between your Steam Deck games and Aurora. It turns a somewhat frustrating set of instructions into a one-click solution that does everything for you and MUCH MORE. Due to the extra time and resources incurred to bring this tool to life, we are asking for a $10 fee in order to use it. This also covers the additional development and improving of the app. Trust us when we say IT'S ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Watch the videos below to see how simple and awesome this tool really is and then decide if you think it's worth the price of admission or if you choose to go the manual route.

Aurora SteamDeck Tool

How to install and use the SteamDeck Tool:

How to use the SteamDeck Tool with Ubisoft/Epic:

Key Features:

- One-Click Installation Including Downloading Aurora if Necessary
- Single Sign On
- Auto Start Aurora with Game by Default
- Optionally Start Aurora in Background
- Optionally Start Aurora Delayed
- Customizable Settings Per Game Including Preferred Proton Version
- Auto Update
- Easy Way to Use it with UPlay or Epic Launcher(s)
- Optional Force Aurora Window to Fore/Background
- Offline Support (SteamDeck Tool ONLY - Not AURORA)
(- More Features Coming Soon!)


In order to use this tool you must have a Cheat Happens member account with a valid purchase of the tool. In order to use all of the cheats in Aurora you will also need a Cheat Happens PREMIUM ACCOUNT (monthly or higher). Please be aware that this is not some kind of universal launcher like SteamTinker. It has been specifically designed for use with our Aurora all-in-one trainer management software.

Note: Standalone trainers are NOT compatible with the Steam Deck, only trainers that are built into Aurora.