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(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions

Q: What is Cheat Happens Premium?
A: Cheat Happens Premium consists of features and exclusive content not available to free members of the site. Some of the benefits include: Downloading trainers and cheats made exclusively by our programmers, tracking titles for new or updated cheats and receiving notifications via email, discussing games and cheats in our forums, requesting which games get new trainers and more. Cheat Happens releases an average of 170 exclusive cheats and trainers every month. You can signup for Cheat Happens Premium or learn more here.

Q: If I cancel my premium membership, will my trainers still work?
A: Cheat Happens is a Software as a Service Company. Cheat Happens offers two different types of personalized software downloads, those that are purchased individually and those that are downloaded via a membership. Beginning on January 1, 2019, an active (non-expired) membership will be required for personalized trainers to continue to function. The only exceptions to this are those trainers that were purchased individually and/or those people that are eligible to download an offline key. Once a membership expires, all trainers will become disabled and will be unable to authenticate online until the membership is renewed or brought back to active status. Once that happens, previously banned trainers will work again.

Q: How can I support the site beyond my Premium membership?
A: While it's certainly not required or necessary, we do provide ways for members to help support our site beyond a paid membership. The first way is to make a donation through our DONATE page. If you are a LIFETIME subscriber, you may also choose to upgrade to our Lifetime PLUS membership which will grant you a bonusl 500 reward credits each month. All donations and extra funds that we receive will go directly to purchasing new games and/or to our trainer programming staff.

Q: How can I submit files and/or cheats to Cheat Happens for publishing?
A: If you have a savegame, FAQ, cheat or other content that you wish to submit to us for inclusion in our database, please email it to chris@cheathappens.com along with a detailed description and the game it is for. While all submissions are reviewed, not all are appropriate for posting and may be rejected.

Q: Why is a LIFETIME membership required to download some content?
A: Games that have received over 20 patches in their lifetime and have required additional time and resources by our staff and are limited to LIFETIME subscribers only. This policy affects less than 0.5% of the trainers on our site. More information on this policy is available here.

Q: How can I renew or upgrade my Premium membership?
A: Existing members of Cheat Happens Premium can add another year to their membership or upgrade to a LIFETIME account by following this link.

Q: How do I cancel my monthly recurring membership?
A: If you signed up through PayPal, this can be done from your PayPal account. Go to your profile, then pre-approved payments and choose the Cheat Happens Monthly Membership and choose cancel. Your account will no longer auto-renew and your membership will expire based on the last date you made payment. If you did not go through PayPal, we must cancel your membership on our end. Please contact chris@cheathappens.com with your account details.

Q: Why must I pay to download some of the cheats on your site where other sites are free?
A: Unlike most cheats sites which simply collect cheats and files (typically from sites like ours) we actually have programmers on staff and create custom cheats and trainers for the majority of PC games that are released. We also spend a lot of time working with games to discover new and unique ways to cheat them. These trainers are made available exclusively to our Premium members. Signing up and supporting our site allows us to continue spending the time and money necessary to create these unique and powerful cheats day after day. We also update the cheats when new patches are released and support all of the cheats we create on our message boards. Our programming team releases more trainers each year than every other trainer website and group COMBINED. In 2014, we released over 2,035 custom made trainers. Virtually every game, every patch, every day of the year.

Q: I'm an Premium member and trainers that I download say they must be authenticated before they can be used. What's this about?
A: Authenticity checks were added to our personalized trainers in an effort to maintain the integrity of files downloaded from our site and to also help curb illegal file sharing. If an Internet connection is present and the trainer is not being blocked by a firewall or security application, this check will be transparent. If an Internet connection is not present or the trainer is blocked, an offline key will be needed to run the trainer. A key can be obtained from our trainer troubleshooting page. Please note that no information, personal or otherwise, is sent to Cheat Happens during the online authenticity check. Your trainers will fail this check if your account has been banned. This check does not apply to PROMO or PUBLIC trainers, only those personalized for individual use.

Q: Can I use my personalized trainers on more than one computer or will I be banned?
A: The protection included with our personalized trainers are meant to prevent public distribution and sharing, not to prevent you from using them on multiple home PCs. You are welcome to use them on multiple PCs. The only time your account may be banned is if the files are found on file sharing and/or bittorrent sites, or if we see an excessive number of different computers attemtping to use them.

Q: My virus scanner is detecting a virus in a file I downloaded from your site, do you not scan them?
A: All of the files on our site are scanned with multiple virus and anti-spyware scanners before being uploaded. For more information on how some scanners can show false positives with certain file types (such as trainers) please see our VIRUS WARNING page.

Q: Where can I find information on cheat terms and types that I don't understand?
A: We keep a list of cheat terms and third-party programs that are required to use some of the cheats found on our site in our "Cheat Terms & Tools" area.

Q: What can I do if the cheats or trainers I am looking for are not listed on your site?
A: We update the site on a daily basis. If the game is brand new, chances are we'll have something for it very soon, so you should continue to check the mainpage for updates. If you would like to request a trainer be made that we currently do not have, please visit the REQUESTS page.

Q: I can't seem to get a certain cheat to work with my game, even though I have followed the instructions exactly. What am I doing wrong?
A: Most of the time, cheats are designed to work only with specific versions of a game. This is most common on PC-based games where several updates are usually released after a game is finished. Sometimes cheats vary between international versions. If a particular cheat is not working for you, this is most likely the cause. Rarely, cheats that we receive turn out to be bogus. We usually receive tons of complaints if this is the case and we remove the bogus cheat promptly from the site. If ever you believe a cheat to be fake, please send us an email so we can investigate further. If it's a trainer that you're having trouble with, check out our in-depth TRAINER TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE for help.

Q: Do you test all of the cheats you publish?
A: While we would love to have the opportunity to play every game imaginable, this is simply not feasible. If we own the game we receive cheats for, we do test them to make sure they work. If we don't have the game, we post them up and will usually determine very quickly if a cheat has been falsified. Any non-working cheats are removed promptly from the site. All of the trainers that our staff produces are thoroughly tested with the versions of the games they support.

Q: I can't seem to download some of the cheats from your site, could you please e-mail them to me?
A: Due to the large volume of visitors that we get to the site, there is no way we can e-mail personal requests to the end-user. If a link is broken or not working correctly, we will try our best to correct the problem.

Q: Why aren't there any cheats for multiplayer games or modes on your site?
A: CHEAT HAPPENS does not support or condone the use of cheats in a multiplayer environment.

More Questions?
If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact chris@cheathappens.com or use our support page for account related issues.