Panda and our Trainers
This page is designed to help Cheat Happens users better deal with antivirus warnings and false positives generated by Panda. Use the information below to learn how to report false positives and temporarily disable protection or whitelist our files to allow them to run.
Report False Positive
Uncheck 'Set Panda Safe Web as default search provider (Powered by Yahoo).' + 'Set Panda Safe Web as my default home page'
Temporarily Disable Protection or Add to Exceptions

Panda 20.0.0
Recommended Settings
Restore File from Quarantine
Allow File in Real-Time
Folder/File Exclusion

Panda Global Protection v17
File Exclusion + Firewall File Rule

Panda Global Protection v17
URL + Folder Exclusion + Firewall File Rule
Information Not Accurate?
While we try and keep the information on this page updated, many software vendors offer multiple versions of their protection software and each can vary slightly or even be completely different. It's also possible that as they release new versions, they may have changed the user interface or the above procedures. You can let us know by contacting our support staff or visiting this link.