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Objectives: Go to Doctor Octavius’ Apartment
  Buy Level 4 Swing Upgrade
  Earn 3000 more Hero Points

Your first order of business is to visit Dr. Octavius at his apartment, so head toward the marker to get there. Use the change clothes marker, and watch the cinematic. After the cutscene, you’ll be back on the roof, and Spidey will remember he has to see Mary Jane’s play tonight, so start swinging toward the next marker. As you get close, you’re shown a cutscene of a group of thugs robbing a store. Looks like you won’t be getting there yet. Jump down to the road, and beat up the thugs, six or seven of them. After they’ve been defeated, jump onto the roof and kill the sniper.

After all the thugs are finished, head to the play again; unfortunately, you don’t make it in time. As Spider-Man lays on the side of a building, pissed off at himself, an old friend shows up. She tells you that she knows of a warehouse being robbed, and she leads you to that warehouse. Just follow her like before. This time, though, if she gets too far ahead, she’ll stop and wait for you. At the end of the chase, you’ll be standing on a building, overlooking the thugs. Jump down and beat them up. The statue they were going to steal is stolen, by Black Cat. Never trust a woman in skin-tight leather.

After the cutscene, head toward the closest store (green square with a circle in it; on your map, it’s a picture of a dollar sign), and buy level four swing. After that, work on your hero points until you accumulate 3000. If you already have the 3000, the next chapter starts.


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