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Easy Swinging vs. Normal Swinging
While you may be tempted to use Easy swinging, don’t. The normal swing mode gives you more control, and therefore, more freedom. You can zip along buildings, turn corners without losing speed, and do a lot more than what you could do with easy swinging.

There are several markers you can find throughout the game that serve various purposes. Here are a few of them.

Hint Marker

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The Hint Marker brings up a box, where you hear the narrator, voiced by Bruce Campbell, read the box to you. You get a hint, maybe about the city, maybe how to kill enemies, and most of them give you ten hero points for finding them. You only earn the points the first time you find a hint marker, though. There are over two hundred of them, and all can be found by viewing your map.

Citizen Mission

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Whenever you see a citizen with a green question mark in a circle above his or her head, it means they have a mission for you. There could be an armored car robbery, a shootout, or a person who needs to get to the hospital. Completing the mission results in some hero points.

Challenge Marker

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The Challenge Marker will bring up, yep, a challenge. Most of them require you to swing through circles in a circuit, sort of like a race, in a certain amount of time. Beating the challenge unlocks that challenge’s “Mega Challenge”, which is even harder.

Change Clothes Marker

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Usually only seen for story missions, using this icon will change you from Spider-Man into Peter Parker’s normal civilian clothes.

Secret Marker

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Like the Hidden Packages in Grand Theft Auto, these markers are hidden throughout the city, and you have to find them. They can be behind guard rails, on top of small buildings, places you probably wouldn’t think to look for them. There are 175 of them to collect, and you need them all to earn 100% completion.

Health Marker

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Just like the name suggests, this marker refills your health meter. You usually get these after beating up people for a hero mission.

Controlling Spider-Man
Here are the default controls for Spider-Man 2 (X-Box Version).

X Attack enemy/action (use controls, markers, etc.)
B Dodge (when head flashes)/attach to wall
Y Hold down to tie an enemy/press to disarm enemy/press near civilian to help/press Y+B to grapple with enemy
A Jump/hold down to charge jump
Right Trigger Use web sling
Left Trigger Hold to sprint
Left+Right Trigger Use your Web Zip (once purchased)
Right Thumbstick Change view
Left Thumbstick Move Spider-Man
Black Turn on Spider Reflex mode, where everything slows down
White Center camera behind Spider-Man
D-Pad Up Turn on Spider Reflex mode, where everything slows down
D-Pad Down Turn on Camera-Lock, which keeps you focused on an enemy
Start Pause game/access options/view stats and awards
Back Bring up map

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