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Because Spider-Man 2 is an open-ended game, I need to give you a few bits of advice before you read the walkthrough:

  • Unless it is critical, I will not tell you how to get to a location. If you need to get to Dr. Octavius’ apartment, but are under no time limit, I will not tell you how to get there, since it’s up to you. Run, hitch a ride, websling… whatever you want.
  • Most missions require you to earn a certain amount of Hero Points in order to advance. To do this, look for citizens who are in distress. If you are swinging around, look for a green circle to appear on your map. If you’re near the ground, look for a citizen with a green icon above their head, a question mark in a circle. These are citizens who will give you a mission; these are Hero Missions.
  • Sometimes, missions that occur during chapters, but aren’t a scheduled objective (like meeting Harry and Mary Jane for dinner), don’t occur right away. When this happens, I will say something like “eventually”, and you’ll know. In this case, keep looking for missions for hero points, or head toward an objective that’s not important (like going to the pizza parlor, which you don’t have to go to right away).

Hero Missions
Hero Missions are the best way to earn Hero Points, outside of completing main objectives. There are six standard missions, and they are given to you randomly:

  1. Help a Falling Man
    The citizen will tell you that a man is hanging by his hands on the edge of a building. You have to race to the man, wrap him up in your web, jump to the ground and release him by pressing B, thereby rescuing him.
  2. Help an Injured Person
    The citizen will tell you that there is an injured person nearby, male or female, and they have to be taken to the hospital. Find the person, grab them with your web, and make your way to the hospital by heading toward the marker. Drop them off in the wheelchair.
  3. Stop an Armored Car Robbery
    The citizen will tell you that some thugs are robbing an armored car. You need to find the armored car before time expires. Once you get there, the time limit is gone, and you can beat up the thugs. Sometimes, they may take off in a car, so you need to follow the car and get on top of, then pound on it by pressing X. Eventually, it’ll stop and the thugs will come out, letting you finish the job.
  4. Help the Police in a Shootout
    The citizen will tell you that the police are having a shootout with some thugs. You need to find the shootout, and kill the thugs. Try to avoid the crappy aim from the cops, too.
  5. Stop the Carjacking
    The citizen will tell you that some thugs are stealing somebody’s car. You need to find the car, and get on top of it. While on top, press X to pound on the car. When the car’s health is gone, the thugs will get out, and you’ll need to beat them up.
  6. Save the Boat Passengers
    This occurs if you’re near the water, and the citizen will tell you that some passengers are trapped on a boat. You need to jump over to the boat, pick up a passenger with Y, and jump back to land, then release them by pressing B. Do this for all passengers.
  7. Help the Police
    The citizen will tell you that the police are chasing somebody. Head to the blip, and jump on the car being chased. Hit X to damage the car, and then beat up the thugs when they get out.
  8. It’s an Ambush!
    The citizen is actually bad, and talking to them results in a group of thugs ready to attack you. Beat the thugs, and you beat the hero mission.

After you beat a certain point of the game, there is one more hero mission that is available, but it occurs much less then the rests. The citizen will tell you that somebody is under attack by robots or aliens (they are robots, but some refer to them as aliens), and it’ll be up to you to destroy the robots before they hurt anyone.


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