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Objectives: Go to Your Apartment
  Earn 4000 more Hero Points

Once the chapter begins, head toward the white marker to find Peter’s apartment. Climb up the side of the building, and go in through the balcony. Spidey listens to a message from Jameson, , and you’re back outside. Head toward the blue marker to find the ball. When you get to the building, approach the skylight and listen to the conversation. Guess who shows up? Yep. After the cutscene, you know what to do; chase Black Cat. This one is a lot tougher than the last two, and you’ll probably have to use your web sling a few times. After the fairly long chase, you’ll wind up in a yard. She runs inside an open door, so follow her after the mission success screen. Run to the back of the warehouse, through a door, and you will encounter another villain, Shocker. To kill him, you need to get to him. Avoid the turbine; it slows you down drastically. Get up to where Shocker is, and start pounding on him. He has a move that is similar to Doc Ock’s machine, and when you see him charge it, back away, at least halfway across the room. Once his health reaches half, he calls in some thugs to help fight, but let Black Cat handle them. Concentrate on Shocker. After he’s had enough, a cutscene takes over. After the scene, leave the warehouse the way you came. If you have enough hero points, the chapter ends.


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