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Objectives: Talk to Jameson at the Daily Bugle

After the chapter starts, head toward the white destination marker to find the Daily Bugle building, and enter through the vent. Peter goes to the office automatically. After the cutscene, return to the bathroom, change, and you’ll be on the roof. You now have 1:30 to get to the press conference. Swing, Spidey, swing!

When you arrive, go inside, and climb the stairs (or jump) to the balcony floor, and go inside the door. Once inside, you’ll see people being attacked by robots, , product of the strange Mysterio. After the cutscene, you’ll have to rescue a reporter, and you get one minute to do so. Charge your jump fully and hop on over to the balcony, pick up the reporter, and swing back onto the balcony where you started from, and put him down. Whatever you do, don’t fall on the floor, or you’ll risk being killed, because it’s on fire. Once the first reporter is safe, do it for the reporter on the other balcony. You must use fully charged jumps to get to the balconies safely. Once the two reports are safe, you’ll have to rescue four more, but you won’t be under any time limit. You’ll also have to kill all the robots, but they are fairly easy. After you save the three reporters from the balcony, you’ll need to save the three on the stage. Before saving these guys, go around and kill all the robots, since you’re no longer under a time limit. Once they are gone, concentrate on the three remaining reporters, which is a bit harder. To do this, fully charge your jump, and shoot a web so you can swing and land onto one of the side balconies, then get to the main balcony as normal. After the last reporter has been rescued, Mysterio says he’s on his way to attack the Statue of Liberty.

After the cutscene, you’ll be outside the building, and a blue marker will be waiting for you. Swing toward it and you’ll wind up at the Statue of Liberty. To get to the statue, you need to swing along each of Mysterio’s spinning robot things, until you get to the actual island. Once you get far enough that you see “Orbs Destroyed” at the top, fall into the water, and Spidey will automatically pull himself up onto the island. In order to destroy all the orbs, , you need to make your way to the top of the statue, then grab one with your web and swing from orb to orb, punching them until they’re destroyed, one by one. In order to get up there, you need to shoot your web onto one of the lower things, and let it carry you up, then grab one of the orbs to continue your swinging. Once the eight orbs are destroyed, you need to swing onto the main platform, and attack the brain. The brain is every easy to kill, but you need to avoid the large blades. Once it’s destroyed, a cutscene will take over, and Spider-Man will be back on land. You also have a new blue marker, so head toward it. Once on the building, you’ll need to crawl through the open window into the apartment, then approach the bookcase to find a secret elevator.

After the cutscene, you’ll have to fight a bouncy thing. Hit it a few times, then back away so it’s counter doesn’t nail you. After it falls, go through the door into the horror house.

The first room flips upside down, and you have to fight three more bouncy things. Kill them, then continue into the small alcove on the upper level.

The next room is a room of mirrors, and you have distorted Spider-Man’s fighting you. The best way to clear this room is to go to a mirror so that you’re being chased by three Spider-Man’s (three is the maximum), then stay ahead of them. To clear this room, you have to break all the mirrors, all of them. Once all of them are destroyed, a special door will appear. Go through it to learn the truth of Mysterio. After the cutscene, exit through the door, and back through the window to end the chapter.


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