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Objectives: Earn 3000 more Hero Points

As soon as the chapter starts, you’ll be given five minutes to get to Mary Jane’s play in time, so swing away, crimefighter! When you near the location, fall into the green Spider-Man marker. Looks like you missed it again, and to make matters worse, Mary Jane is under attack! After you kill the thugs, Mary Jane tells you she’s getting married, , and Spider-Man leaves. Swing around until you remember about Black Cat, then head to the blue marker. She tells you about something, and then offers to race you to the destination. Try to beat her, but if you lose, it’s okay; the game continues anyway. Spidey and Black Cat sneak onto the roof and look down at the meeting taking place, , then Black Cat opens her mouth, and you two come under attack. Now, you have two options of proceeding. You can jump down and fight everyone, or you can let Black Cat do everything. If you want to fight, you’ll need to use your Spider Sense and dodge a lot of attacks. If you want to let Black Cat do the work (she can’t die, no matter what), jump down, kill one enemy, jump back onto the roof, and wait about ten to fifteen minutes for her to kill everyone.

After the fight, Spidey bitches at Black Cat, and she goes away. Swing around until you get a blue marker, then head toward it. You’ll have a chat with Black Cat, then it’s off to Mary Jane’s, almost 2000 meters away. Change into your clothes, and chat with Mary Jane. After MJ blows off Peter, swing around until another cutscene plays. Looks like Doc Ock is at Harry.

Once the cutscene is over, the next chapter loads, if you have enough points. If not, earn them, then continue.


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