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Objectives: Talk to Jameson at the Daily Bugle
  Earn 4000 more Hero Points

A new chapter, a new mission. Head toward the white marker to find the Daily Bugle, and head inside. A cutscene will automatically play. When it finishes, head back to the bathroom, change, and you’ll be back on the roof. You now have a blue marker to head to, which is around 840 meters away, so get going! As you get close, a man will come running and tell you that aliens are holding up a convenience store. Yeah, you read right. Head to the new marker, the Speedy Mart. Inside, guess who you’ll see? During the cutscene, you’ll see his health bar increase with three separate meters! Run up to him after the cutscene, and hit him. One shot brings him down. Uh huh. Looks like Quentin Beck isn’t as tough as he claimed. Exit the convenience store, and return to the Daily Bugle to drop off the photographs. After the cutscene with Jameson, return to the bathroom and head back outside. A woman is in trouble, and when Spider-Man approaches to help her, she runs off. Again, go back to the Daily Bugle. Before you get inside, though, Black Cat shows up again. After the conversation, looks like we have to chase her again. Jeez, did the developer did lazy, or did they decide not to care about the repetitiveness anymore? Chase her. After chasing her for a bit, you’ll run into some of Shocker’s men. Kill them, and continue chasing Black Cat. After a bit more of chasing, you run into more of Shocker’s men. After the fight, chase Black Cat again. She goes under a bridge, and since you can’t touch water, you’ll need to swing by grabbing onto the underside. Soon after this, you’ll wind up at an old Oscorp building, where Shocker is hiding. Walk inside.

Shocker has the same attacks from last time, except this time, he’s protected by a shield. What you have to do is run around until Black Cat gets onto the balcony, then you have to get on the one opposite her, and press X to use the switch, which brings down the shield, giving you access to Shocker. Do this three times, and on the fourth, Black Cat will find a way to bring the shield down permanently. Keep pounding Shocker, and eventually he’ll be defeated. Leave the warehouse the way you entered.

If you have the hero points, the next chapter loads. If not, earn the remainder, and then continue.


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