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Objectives: Talk to Jameson at the Daily Bugle
  Buy Level 2 Swing Upgrade from store
  Earn 3000 More Hero Points

Our first task is to talk to Jameson, your boss, at the Daily Bugle. Swing toward the white destination marker to find the building. You can’t use the doors, so crawl onto the roof of the Bugle, and find the vent. This is how you get in and out of the building. You always use the middle ven. Once inside, you’ll be in a bathroom. Leave the bathroom, go down the hall to the left, and enter the Daily Bugle door. Walk to the woman with the blue marker above her head and press X to talk to her. After the cutscene, return to the bathroom and use the change clothes marker.

You’re now back on the roof of the Daily Bugle, with suspense music playing a yellow destination marker waiting, so head toward that marker. The first photo marker is on the side of the target building. The second photo marker is on the same building, higher, on a flat surface. The third photo marker is on the second to last ledge of the same building. The fourth marker is on the very last ledge of the same building. The fifth and final marker is at the very top of the metal structure sticking out of the top of the same building. Once you’ve got the five pictures, return to the Daily Bugle, and go inside the door, where a cutscene will take over. After the cutscene, talk to Jameson’s secretary to trigger another one. After the cutscene is over, head back to the bathroom and use the change marker.

Back on the roof, Spider-Man hears an explosion, and a cutscene shows Rhino, your first villain. Spider-Man is automatically taken to the location, and your battle with Rhino begins. To defeat him, you need to counter his attacks; there is no other way to hurt him. Let him charge at you, and when you see Spidey’s head flash, press B. You dodge the attack, which stuns Rhino. While he is stunned, keep pressing X to hurt him until he snaps out of it, then repeat the process. Don’t use your webbing on him, because it sticks to his armor, and causes you to spin around, which causes damage. If he does his spin move, where he spins his weapon around three times, press B to three times. If you hit it once, you’ll dodge the first attack, but the second and/or third ones will get you. After his health is depleted, Spider-Man hangs him from the roof, leaving him for the cops.

At this point, swing around the city and do hero missions until you earn the 3000 hero points required to advance. Once you have them, head to the store by heading toward the light green square with a star inside it on your map. Go inside, and buy “Swing Speed Level 2”. If you have the points, buy Grapple as well, because you’ll be able to complete an objective right away for the next chapter. If you want to, you can buy other moves as well. Leave the store, and start the next chapter.


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