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Objectives: Fight crime
  Buy Swing Speed Upgrade from store

This chapter is a continuation of your training.

After the chapter loads, the narrator will tell you to jump off the building. Go ahead, do that. Run to the edge of the building, toward the green arrow, and press A to jump off. In the middle of the jump, the narrator instructs you to use your web. Pull the right trigger to shoot a web, and land on the building you’re facing. He’ll then explain the mechanics of web slinging, and tell you to swing around. Jump off the building, and swing. Doesn’t matter where you go, just keep swinging until you hear him again. You’ll soon see a cutscene of an arcade being robbed. He tells you to chase after them, so use a combination of web slinging and wall crawling to get to the car. To find the car, head toward the light blue dot on your map. Step in front of the car when you find it. The robbers get out of the car, and it’s up to you to beat them up. If they run away, follow them, and beat them up. If you lose them, you can find them by heading toward the red dots on your radar. When you have one enemy left, the narrator tells you to sprint after him and uppercut him, so do this by pressing and holding the left trigger while running, then pressing X when you’re close to the enemy. With the last enemy gone, he starts talking again.

He instructs you to return to the arcade, so make your way toward the destination marker. When you get there, walk to the owner to talk to him. Afterwards, the narrator asks you to bring up your map, so press the back button. The map is useful, and shows you the location of buildings (like the pizza restaurant), challenges and hint markers. Exit the map, and you’ll see another destination marker. Head toward it.

When you get to the destination, enter the store. Walk to the spinning gold icon, , and press X. Buy the Swing Speed Level 1 upgrade, then press B to exit the store, and watch the cutscene.


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