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Objectives: Buy Level 5 Swing Upgrade from Store
  Earn 3000 more Hero Points

As soon as the chapter starts, you should see someone with a hero mission for you. This one is important, because she says that robots are attacking people. Find the robots, and kill them. They are the same ones as the kind you saw when you saved the reporters. After killing them, make your way to the store to buy the swing upgrade. After buying the upgrade, start doing hero missions until you have 3000. As you are doing missions, you’ll remember about Dr. Octavius’ demonstration, and a blue marker will appear. When it does, make your way toward it. Looks like Dr. Octavius is ready to show off his machine.

Oh no! The machine went haywire! It’s emitting charges of plasma! What you have to do is get to each switch, four in total, and destroy it. The first one is to your left as you begin. The other three are in each corner of the room. During this time, the machine will burst inward and outward, and you can’t be caught in the blast, or it causes tremendous damage and sends you flying backwards. You have to wait for the machine to emit only small pulses, then do a running charged jump to the next corner of the room. The machine also shoots a beam of plasma at you, so watch your head, and when it flashes, press B, otherwise this thing’ll take off close to half your health. Once all four switches have been destroyed, the machine powers down, and you notice that Dr. Octavius is dead.

After the cutscene, you’ll be on the roof. If you have the 3000 hero points, swing around until you get the blue marker, sending you to Dr. Connors class. Once you get close to the class, more robots will descend from the sky. Destroy them, and a cutscene will take over. Looks like Dr. Octavius isn’t dead. After the cutscene, you’ll be back on the roof. Continue to Dr. Connors class. After Peter sees Dr. Connors, he takes him to the hospital, and then the game hands control over to you. You have a blue destination marker, so head toward it, and drop into the Daily Bugle. After the cutscene, return to the bathroom, change clothes, and you’ll be back on the roof, ready to start the new chapter.


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