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Awards are special bonuses that you can earn for completing various tasks. For example, if you collect 15,000 Hero Points, you’ll earn the Hero In Training award. Defeat the villain Rhino, and you’ll earn the Big Game Hunter award. Defeat five hundred enemies, and you’ll earn the Mega Champ award. There is an award for pretty much everything in the entire game. When you begin the game, you have no awards. Naturally. So go out there and earn them.

Employee of the Month
Complete all of the pizza delivery missions.

Complete all photo missions.

Knowledge Seeker
Find and use all Hint Markers.

Silver Medalist
Beat all challenges/races.

Gold Medalist
Beat the mega version of all challenges/races.

Drenched Explorer
Find all buoy tokens.

Watchful Explorer
Find all secret tokens.

Towering Explorer
Find all skyscraper tokens.

Vigilant Explorer
Find all hideout tokens.

Master Explorer
Find all exploration tokens.

Friend to Children
Find and return 25 balloons.

Peace Maker
Find and stop 25 gang wars.

Bane of Petty Thieves
Find and stop 25 purse snatchers.

Thug Mugger
Find and stop 25 muggings.

Watch Dog
Find and stop 25 break-ins.

Angry Manager
Find and stop 25 cases of road rage.

Stick Up Artist
Find and stop 25 robberies.

Party Crasher
Find and stop 25 battle royals.

Lifter of Spirits
Find and rescue 25 hanging citizens.

Be ambushed and survive 25 times.

Automobile Avenger
Find and stop 25 car jackings.

Life Preserver
Find and rescue 25 passengers from sinking boats.

Human Ambulance
Find and rescue 25 people by delivering them to the hospital.

Honorary Deputy
Assist 25 officers.

Crime Stopper
Stop 250 petty crimes.

Good Samaritan
Help 250 citizens in distress.

Defeat 200 enemies.

Mega Champ
Defeat 500 enemies.

Big Game Hunter
Defeat Rhino.

Alien Buster
Defeat Mysterio.

Shock Absorber
Defeat Shocker.

Tentacle Wrangler
Defeat Doc Ock.

Speed Freak
Acquire maximum swing speed.

Hardcore Gamer
Complete all arcade games.

Lover Not a Fighter
Complete all of Mary Jane’s missions.

Hero in Training
Acquire 15,000 Hero Points.

Acquire 45,000 Hero Points.

Super Hero
Acquire 100,000 Hero Points.

Mega Hero
Acquire 200,000 Hero Points.

Game Master
Complete everything in the game, meaning get a 100% completion score.

Game Stats

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Not really considered an award, but the game keeps tracking of everything you do, like in the Grand Theft Auto games. It tracks how many hero points you’ve earned, how many crimes you’ve stopped, how many citizens you’ve helped, how many secret tokens you’ve found, how many challenges you’ve completed, and a ton more. It’s a great way to show off, especially when the Game Completion stat is at 100%. Each stat is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll just list them for reference. The number next to the stat indicates how many there are in total of that stat.

Total Hero Points Gained
Citizens in Distress Helped
Petty Crimes Stopped
Hint Markers Found (#/213)
Challenges Completed (#/150)
Mega Challenges Completed (#/150)
Secret Tokens Found (#/75)
Skyscraper Tokens Found (#/150)
Hideout Tokens Found (#/37)
Buoy Tokens Found (#/130)
Pizzas Delivered
Happy Customers (getting pizza to customers without two much swinging)
Enemies Defeated
Weapons Yanked
Unconscious Enemies Hung from Lightpoles
Most Enemies Defeated without Damage
Total Attacks Dodged
Total Bullets Dodged
Spinning Pile Driver Revolutions
Gallons of Web Fluid Used
Number of Jumps
Times Hit
Time Spent in Spider Reflexes
Longest Web Rodeo
Longest Wallsprint
Distance Traveled while Wallsprinting
Distance Crawled
Distance Traveled
Number of Steps Taken
Number of Swings
Helicopters Swung From
Fastest Speed
Number of Pedestrians Jostled
Big Drop
Times Fallen on Ground
Times Fallen in Water
Balloons Returned
Gang Wars Stopped
Purse Snatchers Foiled
Hangers Rescued
Car Jackings Foiled
Muggings Averted
Break-ins Foiled
Road Rages Ended
Robberies Put Down
Battles Royal
Ambushes Avenged
Sinking Boat Rescues
Medical Emergencies Resolved
Officer Assists

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