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Objectives: Meet Aunt May at the Bank
  Earn 4000 more Hero Points

Once the chapter begins, head towards the white destination marker, and it’ll lead you to the bank. Change into Peter’s clothes, and meet Aunt May. As you and Aunt May discuss a loan, Doc Ock and several thugs come into the bank. As always, Peter runs off, and Spider-Man mysteriously appears. The first part of this fight is with his thugs. What makes it all the more harder is you need to avoid Doc Ock’s tentacles, and the grenades that explode after a delay. To get the goons knocked out, dodge their attack, and immediately press Y afterwards to web ‘em, then pound on them until they die. After the three thugs are dead, you’ll have to fight Doc Ock. He’s not too hard, but he can be a nuisance. Watch your head, and when it flashes, press B. Afterwards, immediately press Y to put one of his tentacles in a web, disabling it.

If you’re having trouble getting a hold of his tentacles, just punch on him like any normal enemy. It’ll take a bit of doing, though, and eventually, he’ll take off, but he’ll take Aunt May with him. Follow him, and you’ll have to deal with a few more thugs. After the thugs have been dealt with, Doc Ock takes Aunt May onto a helicopter, and Spider-Man is given thirty seconds to get to the roof of the bank, where the helicopter is waiting. Follow the blue marker to get there, and you should arrive with ten seconds to spare. Once you get there, the helicopter will take off, and you’ll need to follow it. Whatever you do, don’t touch the blades of the chopper, or you’ll die; no health loss, no knock down, just death. Once you’ve caught up with the chopper, you have one final task; save Aunt May before she’s run over by a train. Don’t land on the train and try to sprint; you can’t outrun it. Swing straight ahead, using both sides of the street to stay fairly straight, and land just in front of Aunt May. Run into her to trigger a cutscene.


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