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Objectives: Find the 5 Photo Op Tokens
  Go to Mary Jane’s Apartment
  Buy Level 3 Swing Upgrade from Store
  Earn 2000 more Hero Points

Once you begin chapter six, you’ll see a white and yellow destination marker. For now, head toward the yellow marker, and when you get there, the yellow marker will split into five markers. This is what they look like. They’re all around the same area, so all you need to do is get to them (which is easy), and run through them to collect them. After all five have been collected, an alarm goes off, and Spider-Man spots Black Cat. Looks like another chase! From the start point after the cutscene, , jump up and forward, onto the roof, and the chase will begin. It’s just like the first time, except she moves slightly faster. At the end of the chase, you’ll finish on this building.

After the cutscene with Black Cat, head toward the white marker which leads you to Mary Jane’s apartment. Use the door, and Spider-Man will read a note. Looks like MJ already went to the movie. You now have forty seconds to get to the theater, so get going! Use the change clothes marker in between the dumpsters, , and Peter will meet M.J. After the cutscene, head to the store and buy the level three swing upgrade. If you have the required hero points, leave the store and the next chapter will begin. If not, do some missions until you get the number to start the new chapter.


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