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Objectives: Talk to Jameson at the Daily Bugle
  Earn 3000 more Hero Points

Before we talk to Jameson, since there’s only one objective, swing around the city and do hero missions and citizen in distress missions until you accumulate at 2000 hero points (the remaining points will be awarded for the mission). You can also deliver pizzas (by going to the pizza parlor), and finding hint markers. Remember, they give you ten points each. Once you’ve acquired 3000 hero points, head to the Daily Bugle, and go through the vent on the top of the building. Peter will automatically walk into the office and speak with Jameson. Looks like that Quentin Beck guy has challenged Spidey to a contest. After the cutscene, leave the office, return to the bathroom, and dress up as Spidey once again.

From the roof of the Daily Bugle, head toward the blue destination marker, and you’ll wind up at the sports arena. Walk inside, then go through the single door at the end to trigger a cutscene. At the end of the scene, you’ll have your first challenge. Prisoners will come out of different areas, and you need to pick them up by pressing Y and B together, and throwing them into one of the pits by pressing B. Make sure you throw the prisoner in the pit that’s green, or it doesn’t count. After three waves of inmates, and a victory, , Beck will give you your next challenge; an obstacle course. As soon as it begins, run down the side of the wall, before the panels disappear, and jump onto the platform. Use the first switch. Stay on the platform until it moves and lines up with the next set. Crawl onto the next set of walls, and crawl to the top. The two end pieces move, so wait until it’s next to you, then crawl onto them. Head to the next wall, and crawl to the top, then activate the switch. Once again, stay here until it lines up with the next set of pieces. This time, the bottom pieces rotate, which would cause you to fall.

Don’t even bother with the rotating pieces; instead, stick to the wall with the switch you’re on, and crawl along the wall to the other side. Throw the switch. The next part are pieces that rotate one by one. To get by, get on the first piece after it rotates, wait for the next piece to be flat, then move before the piece you’re on rotates again. It’s easy. On the other side, flip the switch. Wait for the platform to get lined up. The next set are pieces that move up and down, but not together. What you need to do is get on the first piece, then move to the next piece when they line up, as they’re moving. Hit the switch when you’re done. You’re now on the final leg. This area has pieces that move along a path, then spin around and face the opposite direction. The best way to do this is to grab onto the face of the closest piece, and when it spins around, crawl along to the other side, so you’re facing away from the cannon, and ride it to the end of the obstacle course. Throw the final switch. The obstacle course is over, and you’ve proven to Beck you are who you are. Outside the arena, if you have the required amount of points (which you should, since I told you to get them before), the next chapter will start.


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