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Objectives: Go to Pizza Parlor
  Earn 2000 More Hero Points

You begin, yet again, on a building. After the chapter introduction, Spider-Man realizes he is later for his class, so start swinging toward the destination marker. Despite the music, you are under no time limit. As you make your way to class, Spider-Man says something along the lines of “I’ll be on time as long as…”, and then a crime happens. Head toward the new marker, and you’ll see a cop lying on the ground. Approach him to start a cutscene. After the cutscene, you’ll have to fight three thugs. Beat them up, and four more will show up. Beat these guys, too. When the last guy drops, you’ll see a man running with the case. You can’t fight him, because he blocks all your punches. Instead, wrap him up in a web by pressing Y, and then, while holding Y, pull back on the left thumbstick to yank him to you. He’ll fall down, so beat him while he’s down. With the thug unconscious and the briefcase in hand, run to the woman (the destination marker) to return it to her. The old marker has reappeared, so start making your way to class again. When you get to the building, walk into the green circle to find an icon. Use the icon to change into normal clothes, becoming Peter Parker once again. After the cutscene, you get a recap of the mission.

The narrator will tell you to bring up your to-do list, so press start, view your objectives, and press start again to get back to the game. Soon, the narrator will tell you about the white destination marker. It’s a main objective, but it isn’t required yet. Before heading to the pizza parlor, swing around the city and find some citizens that are looking for you. Do enough hero missions to earn 2000 hero points. Eventually, as you’re looking for hero points or heading toward the pizza parlor, a blue destination marker will pop up. Looks like we have to meet M.J. and Harry! Head to the marker, and change into normal clothes. After the cutscene, you’ll be back on the roof. If you have the hero points, head to the pizza parlor. If not, do more hero missions. Whenever you’re ready, swing over to the pizza joint.

Ah, the pizza parlor. Go around back and approach the clothing change icon. The narrator will talk again about how to earn hero points. After he finishes, Spider-Man realizes he’s late for his own birthday dinner. Head to the blue marker that appears, and change into Peter’s clothes. During the conversation with Mary Jane, he sees some thugs run into a store. He leaves MJ. After the cutscene, go straight across to the building ahead of you, run to the right, and go inside. Looks like the thugs are stealing some paintings. After the cutscene, run into the gallery. There are quite a few thugs in here, so beat them all up, careful not to get cornered by a few of them. After they’re gone, a mysterious woman shows up in a black leather dress. Mrrrrowr! After the cutscene, the two of you will be outside. You need to chase her. If at all possible, don’t use your web sling, just use charged jumps, as you more control. If she gets too far away, you lose. Stay on her. She isn’t too hard to follow. She doesn’t show up on your radar, but she emits a large white trail that gives away where she is and where she’s going. Eventually, she stops on the top of a somewhat large building. Approach her to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, you’re moving on to the next chapter.


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