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Objectives: Learn the basics

After a lengthy custscene, you will begin the game on a building. When a few seconds pass, the chapter name will come up, and you’ll hear a voice. This is the man who is going to show you the ropes, voiced by Bruce Campbell. Your first task is to stick to a wall. Run to one of the nearby walls and press B to stick it, putting you in crawl mode.

Next, he’ll tell you about jumping. After he finishes explaining, press and hold A until the jump bar flashes, then release to shoot into the air. He’ll then tell you that if you don’t charge, you’ll do a little hop, so do that; press A for a low jump.

Next up, he’ll show you a destination marker. After he explains what the blue marker means, he’ll tell you to look at your map, in the lower right corner. After the enlarged version of the map goes away, head to the blue marker. To get there, press and hold A to charge your jumps, and at the top of the jump, stick to the wall of the building, crawl to the ledge, and repeat until you reach the roof. At the top of the room, run onto the spider symbol to head to the next chapter.


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