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Objectives: Go to Your Apartment

We’re on the last major chapter. Head to the white marker to find your apartment. Inside, you get a message from Mary Jane, and you’re given 1:50 to get to the diner, so get going! Land on top of the diner, and change into Peter’s clothes to see Mary Jane. During the conversation, Doc Ock breaks in. Immediately after he snatches up MJ, you’re on the roof, and you have another 1:50 to get to the next building. Swing away, and land on the green Spider-Man icon on the roof to trigger a cutscene. Looks like Doc Ock is ready for you. He jumps on a train, and so should you. This is the first part of the boss fight. You need to do the same thing as before; dodge his tentacles, and immediately trap in your web. Do not let him grab you, because he’ll probably send you off the train, and you’ll need to find your way back onto it. Once you’ve disabled his tentacles, run up to him and punch him a few times, then back away and repeat the process. After his health is gone, he jumps off the train, and Spider-Man uses the last of his strength to stop the runaway train. Doc Ock returns, picks you up, and delivers you to Harry. After Octavius leaves, Harry finds out that Peter is Spider-Man, then tells Peter where Doc Ock might be.

After the cutscene, you’re on the roof, and you have one minute to get to the destination. Get on top of the lab, and fall into the skylight to start a new scene.

Looks like Doc Ock has another machine. Like the previous level where you stopped his machine from exploding, this is the same, except you have nine panels to destroy, Doc Ock is chasing and firing at you, he can’t be damaged, the energy blasts occur more often, and the expanding charges are more frequent. There are four panels in each corner of the room, three panels in three rooms on the lower level, one on the roof, and one under the floor, on the very lower level. Once you’ve disabled all nine, Doc Ock’s shields go down, and it’s time for the final battle. Like the past two battles, dodge his tentacles, immediately counter with a web, then wail on him. Use Spider-Sense to get more damage done. Once Doc Ock finally falls, he sacrifices himself to blow up the machine, saving the city.

Later on, back at Peter’s apartment, Mary Jane tells him that she decided not to get married, and that she wants to be with Peter Parker, even though half his life is spent as Spider-Man. Let’s move on to the final chapter.


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